Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nevada Reading Week

So apparently I loaded all the pictures for this post in March--yes, two whole months ago--then never added text to publish it! What a geek. Anyway, the beginning of March brought our first ever school reading week! Reed was quite excited about all the activities planned for the week and especially pumped about the dressing up aspects that came along with reading week. He was definitely one of the very few kids in his class who actually dressed up every day. 

Monday was "Exercise" your right to read day--which meant he got to wear exercise clothes to school! If you know my children, you know they have an obsession with "chillers," AKA cozy clothes. They seriousl never wear real clothes all day long. As soon as we walk in the door, they are stripping off their shorts or jeans and heading off in search of something more comfortable. If we leave the house again, they put back on their real clothes, only to change right back into chillers when we get home. I get it, though. I love to be cozy! Reed was super pumped about wearing his chillers to school, especially when I approved the Oscar de la Hoya headband. (Also, don't mind that random gray dot in every picture. My phone started doing that randomly. I wasn't excited.)

Day two was Dr. Seuss from head to toe day--which meant Dr. Seuss hats, red and white clothes, and crazy socks! I let Reed wear chiller shorts again (the same pair...gross?) (he really wanted those particular shorts because they were red and white) (we should have thought of that on Monday) (too many parentheses). Also, that hat he's holding was not actually on his head at school because that hat is not actually a hat. That hat? It's a Cat in the Hat game that can't actually be worn. He thought it would be nice for the picture, though. And those socks? They're mine.

Wednesday was crazy hair day. Unfortunately, we had cut Reed's only a week or two before reading week, so his hair was quite short and we weren't left with a lot of options. We decided to go with tons of tiny ponytails, kind of remniscient of Darth Maul's spikes. After school, when we took the pony tail holders out, Reed's hair still poed up in a ton of little spikes, which was kind of funny. On Wednesday night, the school had a family bingo/check out the book fair night. Ryan couldn't come (busy season, wah wah), but the kids and I went and had a great time. Reed wanted me to re-do his spikes so he'd have them again for family night at school. I was impressed he wanted to sit still that long twice!

Thursday was I "mustache" you to read day. At the family bingo night the night before, we'd purchased temporary tatoo mustaches for all three kids. They all donned their mustaches in honor of the day and looked hilarious. Lila had kind of a runny nose, which rubbed off the middle of her mustache and left her with two curly side mustache tails only. The next day--when we tried to get off the mustaches for real--I had to spend quite a long time scrubbing three little faces.

On Friday, the very last day, the theme was "Be a!" When Asher and Lila saw Reed wearing a costume, they just had to wear costumes, too. Asher's and Lila's weren't superhero costumes, but they had a good time! Reed was prett pumped to have another cozy outfit day.

One last item of note. On Monday, Reed came home with a list of reading challenges, with things like "read in the dark with a flashlight" and "get your own library card" and "read in the tub." He could earn points for each challenge he completed, then be entered in a drawing for free books if he earned enough points. We did almost every single challenge! I think our favorite was piling a ton of pillows in the tub, then cozying up and reading together.

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