Friday, May 22, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 54

Asher made up another joke this month:  "Why is ham called ham? Because lots of Hamblys eat it!"

One day Asher was being a pill and just crying about everything and I told him he needed to calm down. He responded with, "Lila is just making me feel crappy!"

On our trip, we got to our hotel after a long day of hiking and saw people swimming in the pool. It was late for us, so we told the boys we'd swim the next day. Asher said, "Why are they swimming then? Because they're weirdos?"

One day I asked Asher what his favorite color was. His response was a little surprising: 
Me: What's your favorite color?
Asher: dark!
Me: dark what?
Asher: dark anything!

The boys are constantly asking what funny things they said when they were little (hoping for both funny quotes and mispronunciations.) One of my favorite of Asher's current mispronunciations is ""soon-ior" which is "senior." I think he gets this one confused because we often talk about junior and senior primary--so he'll ask about "junior and soon-ior." I love it.

I love the picture above because I'm pretty positive Asher was running inside to grab something for someone. Generally, when someone asks a favor of the general group (Will someone...) Asher is the first to hop up--which he does almost immediately--and run to help with the job.

Asher loves to be warm and cozy. I often get a good chuckle at bed time because Reed will be wearing underwear only and Asher will be wearing long sleeves and long pants! He also loves to wear "long and long" (his words) chillers--long sleeves and long pants. We wore some long sleeved shirts and long pants on our trips because a few days were rainy and chilly. After our trip, when we were putting the clean laundry away, Asher grabbed one of his long-sleeved shirts and said, "YES! More long sleeves!" 

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