Monday, May 25, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 28

The biggest news of the month is that Lila Jae is potty trained! Can I get a high ten? Fist bump? Woot woot? All are called for. Potty training was not fun with this little lady. But it is done and done--minus night training. She still wears a diaper at night, but she has started waking up dry. She is wearing underwear at naps and waking up dry. Let's say it together: NO MORE DIAPERS.

Lila is (generally) a joy to be around. She is so loving and so pumped about every new or cute or fun thing she encounters. She is so girly. She LOVES accessories. She likes to dress up in her dress up clothes, too, but really it's all about the accessories. She is constantly stomping around the house in dress up shoes, bedecked with whatever necklaces, rings, and bracelets she's scavenged from her dress up station. She turns the most random things into bracelets or necklaces. She is so cute.
Speaking of cute, this girl is cute and knows it! She loves her regular clothes almost as much as her dress ups and you can tell when she feels particularly cute in an outfit--she struts around grinning and shows off to whoever will give her what she interprets as attention (which can be as simple as a passing glance her way)! She really loves her church dresses and is obsessed with the sparkly shoes she talked my mom into buying for her at Target.

On the other hand, Lila can also be a terror! She is a total bully to Asher. The two of them can't leave each other alone! He will be totally minding his own business and she will nonchalantly walk up to him and say, "Owie! Scratch!" then scratch him! Eek. We are working on it. Neither of them are willing to give up on fights, no matter the subject of the fight. They are often found pushing against each other with all their might, each trying to claim whichever spot the other was sitting in! When the aren't fighting, though, they are ridiculously cute, hugging and reading books and playing Lila's toys together. Asher is way more patient about playing Lila's toys with her than Reed is--Reed just doesn't want to play Minnie or ponies or dress up.

Lila also love to wrestle with the boys and Ryan! She is super strong and very solid so though she is much shorter than the boys she holds her own! She loves rough-housing. She is constantly asking Ryan to help her do flips or "ro-ret pack" (rocket pack--where he holds her legs only and she balances upright).

Lila thinks she is one of the buddy school kids :)

Lila has Fancy Nancy underwear, which is solely because we found Fancy Nancy hanes 3-packs at our dollar store! When she started wearing underwear, we decided we should probably read a Fancy Nancy book or two so she would be more excited about the underwear, ha! Well, as it turns out, Lila has fallen in love with Fancy Nancy (or Fa-fee da-fee, as Lila would say). 

Lila has started getting upset at bed and nap times. She will protest "No nye-nye!" (night night), but settles pretty quickly when we sit down to read books. She loves the books and the rock a byes and the cuddles, but when you start to leave she flips out. Lately, I've had to go in a few more times after leaving to calm her back down. I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but it is a little heartbreaking when she says, "Mommy tuwwle mow!" (Mommy cuddle more!)

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that cute little miss! I seriously love reading these monthly posts about your darling babies. Thanks for always sharing. :) I didn't know about the Lila/Asher fighting. I hope that goes away quickly!