Monday, May 18, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 77

One day I asked Reed to carry a book for me. He responded, "How can I hold the book if I only have talons?" I looked over at him and he had three of his fingers curled into a claw!

Reed likes to "click" songs. Basically, he clicks his tongue to the beat and kind of the tune of songs we listen to in the car. One day he folded a little book and wrote random stuff in it, then told me, "I made a hymn book of Taylor Swift for clicking." 

Is it mean to tell you Reed has had kind of an issue with lying lately? He's pushing boundaries and doesn't like to get in trouble. He very frequently tries to slide the blame onto someone else--anyone, really as long as it's not himself. Or he'll lie about things. We've had many, many talks about it and honestly, it's been really, really hard for me to stay patient with it. Hopefully the things we're saying will sink in at some point!

Reed and his buddy Anthony from school have started talking books. Reed has been super into the Magic Treehouse series (he's read the first four and has been waiting for number five to be returned to the library) and he's recommended them to Anthony. Anthony is going to try to get the books, too, so the two of them can discuss the books. I love it! I think Reed's favorite Magic Treehouse book so far has been Mummies in the Morning--which may be partially because we saw an Egypt exhibit at the natural history museum just a few days after Reed finished reading the Mummies book, and then we also pulled out an awesome Egypt book we bought many years ago with future Reed in mind! He's been perusing the Egypt book like nobody's business.

Reed's school class got to hatch chicks! They had four eggs that hatched (I think they had one egg that didn't make it). They got to candle the eggs, which Reed thought was crazy cool, and got to watch the chicks go through the hatching process. He also got to hold a tiny chick right before he went off track. 

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