Friday, June 5, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 78

During the first hike of our trip, on one of our many pauses for breathing (the hike was a doozy), Ryan convinced Reed to let Ryan pull the wiggly tooth in Reed's mouth. Reed had sworn to never let Ryan do this again after the last tooth, but we talked him into it. Anyway, Ryan barely touched the tooth (seriously) and the tooth fell right out! We stored the tooth in an empty water bottle for safekeeping. That night, Reed put it in his tooth pillow--which we'd thankfully brought along because Reed knew he had a wiggly tooth--and the tooth brought him a roll of nickels! The next day Reed commented, "This tooth was one of my popular ones!" When asked why the tooth was popular, he explained that it was one he used a lot and thus popular.

One day, Reed poked his fingers through the crack between the open door and the wall. He wiggled his fingers around and said, "Mysterious fingers!" in a heavily accented voice. 

On our trip, Reed was holding a box of fries in his lap. When the box fell, he totally caught it with his feet! He even managed to pin most of the fries between the box and his legs\. I was impressed by his reflexes.

Below is a crazy lego creation/setup Reed made. He loved it so much he wanted a picture! I thought I had a straight-on picture, but apparently I only took a shot from above. The setup was a labyrinth of various guns, traps, and watch guard dogs/guys.

We took a lot of pictures on our trip (as is to be expected), which helped highlight the fact that Reed has started to make a big effort to actually look at the camera and smile! I think this stems from a conversation we had while Ryan and Asher were out of town. I was trying to take a picture of Reed and Lila and no one was cooperating at all. I was pretty frustrated with Reed--his is SIX after all--and explained to him why I like to take pictures (so we can remember all the fun things we do together). That explanation helped things click for him and now he loves to look at me and smile for a picture. And I think he's realized that if he actually looks, taking the picture only takes a few seconds rather than a few minutes! I even overheard him telling Asher to look at the camera and smile and, when Asher didn't do so, Reed said, "Ash, don't you want to have a picture to remember this?!" I can't decide if I'm happy about this development or if I've maybe created a monster. I'll let you know.

Reed got a National Geographic book full of dinosaur facts at his last book fair, which he brought along in the car on our trip. He was SO pumped to have all kinds of facts to tell us, especially when we went to Dinosaur National Monument! His favorite fact--that we've heard many times--is that modern birds and chickens are living dinosaurs!

Speaking of facts, Reed loves random trivia. Our kids' shampoo bottles always have random and interesting animal facts that Reed tells us over and over. He was super pumped when I bought detangler for the first time a few days ago and he realized that it's the same brand and has animal facts, too! In fact, he asked me to always buy that kind of detangler and shampoo so he can always have the facts! He loves to watch mental floss videos with Ryan, which are essentially long lists of random trivia.

We went on a lot of hikes on our trip. I felt super sore, as did Ryan, and we heard from Asher how tired he got any time he was a little worn out. But Reed seriously did not complain once. I'm not sure if he's just stronger than everyone and wasn't bothered or if he was just a good sport!

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