Friday, June 12, 2015

Utah Tour Part One: Kayla and Ben get married!

The Hamblys just got back from a marvelous two-week trip--which means about 10 posts are in my queue, friends. Let's see if I actually write them. Blogging time around these parts has not been plentiful.

Anyway, the kids and I left for St. George Monday morning with Kayla in tow. She'd flown from Idaho to Vegas Sunday night so she could help with the last things that needed to happen for the wedding. Ryan stayed home to work (most importantly) and to finish the corn holes he was building for the reception (which may have been the most importantly part in Kayla's opinion). I was planning on helping my mom and Kayla with all the final wedding stuff they needed to do. The week before and after Kayla's wedding happened to coincide with Reed's track break, which was truly perfect timing.

As it turned out, my mom had finished everything and needed essentially zero help. And I got Kayla sick two days before her wedding. But the silver lining is that the boys got to spend a week in on of their favorite places: Grandma's house! I don't think anyone is up for a day-by-day account (myself included, so here are some highlights:

+Children's Museum
We tried to take Kayla to our Children's Museum Monday morning before we left town only to find out that the museum is closed on Mondays! We were sad not only to miss out that day but also because that was our last opportunity to use our pass before it expired. I promised the boys a trip to the Children's Museum in St. George, though, which they were more than happy about.

+Splash Pad
We can't go to St. George without going to the river/splash pad down town. We always have SO much fun there. We were planning on going on the carousel, too, but unfortunately they only take cash and I had zero cash. We did walk across the street to have a treat and bread stick at Judd's, which everyone loved.

+Bird's Eggs
My mom and dad found two bird's eggs that had fallen out of a nest somewhere into their yard! While sad--the mama bird was nowhere to be found so the eggs wouldn't hatch--it was also cool for the boys to get to see real bird eggs!

Cousins started rolling into town Wednesday night and by Friday night all the Rolfes were under one roof! The kids had so much fun. They were in heaven playing with their cousins and we hardly saw them!

One of the very few things left to do for the wedding was to make pies! Kayla's main food at the reception was a pie bar. All the girls spent Friday making pie after pie after pie--12 total, which may not sound like a lot, but pies are pretty labor intensive. I was the main designer of the tops and I'm (obviously) quite proud of how they turned out. Between pies my mom bought, what we made, and what friends made, she had over 50 pies!

Ryan was able to find ALL the fruit for fruit kabobs at the dollar store! When he rolled into town Friday night--later than expected, because on the outskirts of Vegas he realized he'd left the strawberries and grapes in the fridge!--we had a fruit cutting party. Everyone pitched in and it went super fast. The Rolfe girls and a few of Kayla's mission friends tag-teamed the assembling of the kabobs the next day before the reception!

The reason we were all there, of course! All of my siblings are endowed, so my entire immediate family was able to attend the sealing, which was a wonderful experience. 

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from the reception, so you'll have to trust me when I say that it was amazing. My mom brought Kayla's pinterest boards to life and the result was beautiful. Honestly, I was a little worried about setting it all up in time (we had to set it up after the sealing and lunch and before the reception) but Kayla and Ben had a slew of mission companions who came to the sealing and luncheon, then all stayed to help! My mom put me in charge of assigning people tasks and it was just amazing to see how willing and helpful everyone was. The decorations came together super fast. Then, when we realized there was no security at the barn where the reception was and that someone would need to stay there until the reception started, one of Kayla's former companions and her fiance offered to do it so we could all go home and get ready! After the reception, all these missionaries again pitched in to make cleanup super fast.

After the reception cleanup, Grandma and Grandpa stayed home to sleep and listen for the kids, while all the adults (minus Ben and Kayla :) went to In-N-Out. We had so much fun talking and joking and very much enjoyed making a detour to Kayla and Ben's hotel to leave a pie on their car, haha.

Kayla and I were able to go to the temple to do initiatories before everyone else got into town. The temple is always wonderful, but doing initiatory was so healing for me. I've had such awful self-esteem lately and just been really down about my body--my knee injury has worked a number on me--but I realized that I am blessed to have such a healthy body and that my body truly is a gift.

I mention this because the kids could NOT leave Kayla and Ben alone while Kay and Ben were opening their wedding gifts. I reminded them so many times to let Kayla and Ben open the presents. So. Many. Times. They also insisted on being right in the action, basically on top of Kayla and Ben the entire time. Ha. Lynnie and I gave Kayla and Ben two bins of Christmas decorations! This might seem like a weird gift, but Ryan's best friend's mom gave us Christmas decorations for our wedding and it was seriously my favorite gift we received.

Lynnie and I did a super classy wrapping job, too:

More pictures? Sure.

Jae carried this net around all week--she called it her "basketball hoop"


kayla said...

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help that week! You are amazing! I love you!! Oh and we also enjoyed the pie you left on our car ;)

Mandi Rolfe said...

I love this post Meg!! It was so fun being together and just enjoying each other's company. And of course, the wedding was beautiful. Love you tons!