Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 55

Asher was sleeping in our bed (he'd woken up feeling yucky and fell asleep with us) and I was awake and reading my scriptures. He rolled over and said, "So I know which is my left and which is my right." I asked which, he showed me, then rolled over and fell right back to sleep!

Asher has had three separate pairs of flip flops break this summer! Two were hand-me-downs and one was a pair that still fit from the end of last summer, but still. Three pairs. Anyway, we went to get him some new flips and the patterned flips happened to be on sale for a lower price than the solids. He picked out a blue pair with different colors of whales printed on it and fell in love with them. He said, "Bub! What do you think of these new sweet flips!?" He also got excited by trying to match up the whale pictures on the edges of the two flip flops and about died laughing when I pointed out the two whales that were doing a "booty bump." 

Another sleep quote (this was one Reed heard): In an exhausted voice, "Can we stop climbing this mountain??"

Ryan was watching drum videos. The boys came in to watch, too, and Asher said, "I didn't come in to watch THIS!"

Asher came in at 5 a.m. and said, "I can't find Reed!!!" Ryan took Asher back on his room and Reed was fast asleep in bed. Asher climbed in bed and went to sleep without mentioning anything about it.

Yet another Asher sleep talking incident: "Bub just relax! Go to sleep, close your eyes!"

This actually happened a while ago but I'm not sure if it ever made it on here and it is one of the few quotes we bring up at least weekly. One day Asher ran in to our room wearing only a shirt and underwear and said, "Daddy look at my shirt! Looo-ong!"

On our trip, the kids all earned a junior ranger badge at Dinosaur, but Lila ran over to me before the ranger handed her the badge she earned. Asher, without any prompting, decided to go get Lila a ranger badge and was even brave enough to do it on his own! 

"Want to hear something lame? The last bite of my pop tart was edge!"

We were trying to figure out who's turn it was to do one-on-one time with me first. Reed said, "I don't care if I go first, so Asher can go first." Asher responded, "I don't care if I go first, so Reed can go first..." then in basically the same breath, "Okay I'll go first!"

I have found that during sharing time, when Asher knows an answer, he can't seem to stop himself from yelling it out right away! It's like he doesn't want to give someone else the chance to answer the question first, haha.

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