Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 29

She's often pointing at the camera in pictures because asking her where my camera is is the only way I can get her to look at me at all!

Lila was carrying over a block tower to show off to me and accidentally dropped the tower. The blocks came apart and her immediate, totally straight-faced response was "bummer summer." When she doesn't have a "bummer summer" moment, she's constantly telling us, "loo-wet my tow-uh!" (look at my tower).

I was sitting on the couch and Lila was next to me. She got up to go find something but first turned and looked me straight in the eyes then, while pointing at me said, "No steal my spot." 

The sister missionaries were over and were reading a scripture as part of their spiritual thought. The verse said the word "drink" and Lila said, "Say drink. Funny!" Then she cracked up. Since then, she is constantly saying, "____. Funny!" To point out things she thinks are funny.

Lately Lila has started calling me "Mommy May." I'm not exactly sure where it came from, but it is sure cute. She also is constantly asking me to follower her. She'll chant, "Mommy maaaaaaay! Follow me!" as she marches down the hall, just trusting I'm right behind her.

We watched a video if Lila this morning where I asked her favorite Star Wars guy. Video Lila said Han Solo. Real Lila responded, "No! Chew chew bacca!"

Lately Lila has started requesting, "Mommy out." just a few minutes into our nap and bedtime cuddles. Why? Because she has discovered that the books are accessible from her bed and likes to lay in bed and "read" a few to herself before going to sleep! I don't think she usually reads long--often I check on her around 30 or so minutes after we put her down and she's asleep, often on top of or cuddling with a book. If you do catch her awake and reading, she almost always is laying on her back, with one leg crossed over the other and is just so ridiculously cute. 

One night, after I put Lila down, Asher realized he hadn't given her a hug (the horror) and asked if he still could. We approved his request and he went into her room and said, "Lila, I didn't give you a hug. Can I have one?" She was, of course, looking at a book, which she immediately put down, said yes, then extended her arms. He gave her a hug then got up to go and she said, "Smooch, Ashie B." They smooched, bid each other night night, and then Ashie left. Cuteness abounds.

Another item of note this month: Lila is night and nap trained. SHE DOESN'T WEAR ANY DIAPERS ANYMORE. The last time I bought diapers was in mid-May and I still have a few left from that pack!!!

Whenever Lila sees one big thing and a matching little thing, she says something along the lines of, "Awwwwwwww, mommy baby!" Any object, alive or inanimate, cute or not, evokes this response. While we were on our trip, she saw a big pole and a little pole. She was overjoyed to find another mommy and baby.

On our trip, Madison (our baby cousin) was crying. Lila was upset and said, "No cry, Madison." (As in, "it's okay!" not "you're bugging me!") (I think.)

(The boys did it, so of course she had to!)

We stayed at Mandi's house on the first night of our trip and after that, any time we were on a long drive and she was ready to be done, she'd say, "Mando's house, are louuuuuu?" (where are you?) over and over until we convinced her to stop!

(She loves when she and I match!)

One day I went to get Lila out of her seat and she had no shoes on. I asked where they were and she responded, "Stinky pot a roo!"--meaning she was a stinker and threw them somewhere!

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