Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 79

Reed and I got to go on a date this month! We had so much fun. Our first stop was the library, where we turned in his summer reading log for a brand new book! He picked Magic Treehouse #7, which was perfect because he was then reading book six. After he picked his book, we used the computer to find books on platypuses for his first ever school report, then looked for more platypus information online. He was very serious about his platypus report and we kept researching for quite a while to make sure we had absolutely all the information we could possibly need. After our research, we headed to his favorite dinner place: Panda Express! Luckily, Panda is one of my favorite places, too. We had fun eating and talking, then went to Smith's to pick out a treat to share at a play date the next day (he picked Oreo's and peach rings). We had such a fun night, which we really needed--we've been butting heads a lot lately, and it was good for us to just get to have some fun together. 

And speaking of Reed's report, this month he was assigned his first ever written and oral report! He got to choose any animal he wanted and, after much thought, he went with platypuses because they are unique and he loves Perry the Platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb. We spent a few weeks watching platypus videos and reading platypus books. Writing the report was not super fun--he came up with all the ideas but was not pumped that he had to be the one to write it all--but we made it through. We practiced and practiced his oral report and, when he gave it in class, he wasn't even nervous! From his recap, it sounded like he did great. His favorite thing he learned was that when platypuses were first discovered, scientists literally thought they were being tricked because platypuses looked like three different animals sewn together!
Reed's teacher tested him on his sight words today to see which flash cards he needed to bring home. They went through the second and third grade sight word lists and he only had three total cards to bring home (all from third grade). It is so fun to listen to him read--I can't believe that just a few months ago he was still sounding out most words and reading pre-primers. He reads fluently now and I just love it. 

Speaking of reading, Ryan and Reed are currently reading the first Harry Potter book together and are loving it so much! Reed is now into everything Harry Potter. He had an owl stuffed animal that is now his absolute favorite stuffed animal (whereas before he didn't really care much about it). And, bonus, the owl is even a snowy owl, like Hedwig. The stuffed owl has been officially dubbed Hedwig Snow Hambly. He doesn't have any Harry Potter lego sets, but that hasn't stopped him from creating his own! He talks about Harry Potter so much that Asher is obsessed, too, even though Asher isn't reading it with them! (Ash and I are reading Matilda.) We've been working on Harry Potter legos together and, so far, we have the following setups: the Great Hall, the Forbidden Corridor with the three-headed dog, Hogwarts Express, Professor Snape's Potions Class, the Owlery, Hagrid's Hut and garden, Madam Malkin's Robe Shop (complete with tiny robes we made), Ollivander's Wand Shop, Eyelops Owl Emporium, the broom stick shop, and the Apothecary. The boys play with Snape's classroom and the Apothecary mostly, making up their own potions (my favorite ingredient they've come up with so far is "weasley juice.). Reed has also had me write down a list of spells/what they do and potions/what they do and it is not uncommon to hear a boy yell, "Alohomora!" any time we are outside a locked door. I love it!

More reading news. Reed really, really loves fact books. He had a book of dinosaur facts he was just eating up and would tell me about all the time, so at the last book fair we got him a book of Egypt facts (ever since reading the Magic Treehouse book set in Egypt he LOVES Egypt) and a book of facts about planets. And, the last time he filled up his summer reading log (they can fill it up as many times as they want to and earn a book each time) he chose a book of owl facts. He is just like Ryan, who also loves facts!

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