Monday, August 31, 2015

And We're Back (Weekly Beast Part 1)

The summer flew by. I feel like Reed was in Kindergarten just a few weeks ago--and now he's already in first grade!

Oh, wait, right. He was in Kindergarten just a few weeks ago.

I'm so hilarious. Anyway, our summer break did indeed go by alarmingly quickly and suddenly (ish), we found ourselves at Sunday night, better known as First Day of School Eve! I mentioned in last week's beast that I had the Priesthood Preview last Sunday. Well, in my haste to get out the door, I forgot to make a plan with Ryan about Reed's back to school father's blessing. Ryan gave Reed a blessing while I was gone, and I was honestly a little sad to miss out, but happy that Ryan was able to give Reed a blessing to help ease Reed's nerves the night before the first day. When I got home, Ryan told me that Reed was feeling nervous about eating lunch at school for the first time, ever. Ryan got to talk to Reed about how all the other kids in his class were new at eating lunch at school, too, and he was sure the teacher would give them plenty of directions and that lunch would be great. Reed calmed down after their chat. After I talked to Ryan, I peeked in on the boys and found Reed still awake. We talked for a minute about his night, and I asked if he felt good during the blessing. He said he did, but was still nervous about lunch, but (in his words), "Then Daddy talked to me about it and I felt a lot better." How sweet is that?

Ryan started a first day of school tradition with Reed when Reed was in preschool: Ryan gets to do drop off on the first day. Now, we didn't really realize this preschool year--we were still tax season newbies then--but the first day of school is right in the middle of Ryan's fall busy season. Fall busy season doesn't even compare to spring busy season, but Ryan still is busier than usual and has to work extra hours. So waiting to go to work until after drop off would mean a much later night at work for Ryan. Ryan gently discussed this with Reed to test the waters of Reed's feelings about Daddy dropping him at school and quickly realized that the Daddy drop off was a big deal to Reed--so Daddy dropped him off! Reed is very attached to Ryan and really values special time with just the two of them, so he was very happy that Ryan took him to school.

I'll take a second here to note Reed's outfit of choice: the soccer shirt Grandma Lexie bought for him (it says "SKILLED," but when his backpack is on looks like it says "KILLED" which Asher thought was hilarious), his red shorts (some of his faves), and converse with FLAMES on them. He's so legit. He was very particular about his backpack, opting for a "cool design" over a character. He created two pins for his backpack: one that has a Harry Potter lightning bolt with green and black background--to match his backpack colors, of course--and one with a Harry Potter wand and various Harry Potter spells written all over it. And, side note, those buttons were a trial of my patience in mothering. I had two create-your-own buttons my mom gave me from her craft stash that were purchased many, many years ago. One day, for M and B time, I suggested we decorate the buttons together for his backpack. He scoffed at the suggestion. I felt a little bit rejected, so was quite happy when Asher thought that making buttons was the best idea EVER and happily colored with me. When Reed saw Asher's buttons he was so upset because he had wanted to make a button so badly, just apparently not that day. Right. Because he totally portrayed and enumerated that with his reaction. Thus began our search for more buttons to make. I wasn't even sure these buttons were produced anymore, so you can imagine my joy when we found said buttons at the second store we looked at. Crises averted. We bought two buttons for Reed, then had to buy a button for Lila, too, but no one was surprised by her desire to have exactly what the boys had.

His backpack was loaded with all his school supplies (to be left at school) and was literally wider than he is.

Asher, Lila, and I went to pick Reed up after school, where I learned that after-school pick up is a nightmare. There is not even close to enough parking around the school, no car pick-up line (no room), and our school is a hand-to-hand school--meaning parents have to go wait on school grounds for their kids, kids won't just get sent to parents waiting in cars--so yeah, there are a lot of people. We found a "parking spot" in the open desert next to the school, then trekked across the blacktop to Reed's class. We were happy to find that he had a great day and that lunch was also great. He found his friend Anthony from Kindergarten and the two of them ate together, which was fun. Reed and Anthony actually sat together every day this week, except for the one day when they couldn't find each other (?). He really liked his teacher, Mrs. Sears, and the kids at his table were all from Ms. McClenathan's kindergarten class, though two were afternoon kids he didn't already know. Mrs. Sears called me on Friday just to introduce herself and let me know Reed had a great first week, then to ask if I had any questions. I, too, like her already!

Also, back on the lunch subject: I'm definitely way too proud of this, but my first week of lunch-making went really well! Reed and I made a checklist that hangs on the pantry door, He is in charge of getting his ice pack, filling his water bottle, choosing which fruit or vegetable he wants (I pre-fill five baggies with different options; two had grapes, one had a note for me to cut apples, and two had carrots and celery and tiny tupperwares of ranch), and choosing something out of the pantry snack basket or a string cheese or yogurt (the pantry basket has things like pretzels, granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks). Our check list has a few "main dish" items he can choose between, which I then make. Once everything is gathered, I pack it into his lunch box and stick his lunch in his backpack! I also decided to slip in a daily note with a joke. Reed has LOVED the joke, asking me every day after school if I remember which joke I put in, then chuckling over the joke with me.

Poor, sad Asher

And last note on school--who knew a first day of school post could be so long?--because of Asher's tonsillectomy and my mom's help, I didn't drop Reed off at school until Friday! Weird, right?
I lied. One more note: poor Asher was so distraught that Bubba would be leaving him for the full day that he was just sobbing when it came time to go! Honestly, I hadn't really though about how Reed going to full-day school would affect Asher. Asher wouldn't even get into a picture with Reed. Reed tried to hug Asher (and we tried to photograph it), but poor Asher was just so sad he didn't want anything to do with any of it! He's certainly missed his Bub this week.

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kayla said...

Okay I am at work and I was literally laughing out loud over his shirt looking like it said killed and Asher thinking it was hilarious. I don't even know why! I was just imagining it and it was pretty funny :) Anyway, Reed looks so grown up I can't handle it!!