Sunday, August 16, 2015

Asher's Towel

Asher kept making comments about how his towel was too short...

...and he was clearly right. But we kept forgetting to buy him a new one. Forgetting may have been a subconcious effort not to get a new towel, because after baths, I would see this cute mug:

and be reminded of this cute mug:

And this cute mug:

Each of our kids has a towel that belongs only to them. They all used their towels for their first baths, ever, and continue to use their towel for basically every bath. The only exceptions are travel and being unable to locate their towel (it's usually in the closet, where they dropped the towel the last time they used it). I wash their towels weekly, then hang the towels right back onto their hook, not even bothering to fold or put them away. So yes, I had pehaps an unhealthy attachment to Asher's towel. Also, I should note that while all the kids' towels are Circo towels, Asher's is way shorter than the other two. Reed's towel is still plenty long. Lila's still drags on the ground. And Asher's barely covers his bum.

Finally, we decided it was time to retire the towel. Asher and I went on a date to IHOP (we drive past IHOP all the time and Asher had developed a burning desire to eat there), then went to Petco (like a zoo when you don't have one), and finally to Wal-Mart to pick out a new towel.

Asher chose Batman, which was a little surprising because we had no prior love or connection with Batman. We do now, though.

Before we said farewell for good to his baby towel, I made him take pictures with it (see above). He thought I was weird. I made him do it anyway.

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