Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Books and Things

Showing off the chocolate chips I let him sneak.

1. Harry Potter

Reed and Ryan entered the magical world of Harry Potter via the first book a few months ago now. Reed was instantly hooked, as we thought he would be. He was antsy to read every night and if we ever had to skip a night, he was super bummed. Reading to Reed is a super enjoyable experience because he really feels books. He's nervous and gripping Ryan's arm during the tense parts. He's bouncing up and down during the exciting parts. He just really connects to books. Every night after they read, he'd give me a full report--a very detailed summary of the chapter they'd finished that night. I had a fun time hearing Harry re-told by Reed.

Making pumpkin pasties

When we went to California for the Fourth of July, we brought Harry along. I actually read parts of the book aloud to all of us on our drive to Simi, and we ended up finishing the book with me reading aloud on the way to the beach. Reed loved the ending an was every bit as shocked as I hoped he'd be. We immediately started planning our Harry Potter screening. I put a Harry Potter recipe book on hold at the library so we could have theme-appropriate food to go with our premeire and was planning on shopping during the week, then watching the movie the Friday after we got home. As it turned out, though, we decided hours after we'd returned home Monday afternoon that the longest we could wait to watch was Tuesday night.

Asher got to help, too! They made a great team filling and sealing pasties.

So the boys and I spent Tuesday grocery shopping and cooking! We decided to make chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, and butterbeer. And, after hearing that we were having pizza rolls for dinner, Reed was struck with inspiration: we could add wings to the pizza rolls and the rolls could be golden snitches!

Reed used to always help me in the kitchen, but lately it's not his favorite thing to do and he doesn't help very often. But for Harry Potter night he was all over the KP duties. He made the filling for the pumpkin pasties, melted to chocolate, helped with the dough for the rolls, and filled the rolls, too. We spent our entire Mommy + Buddy time baking, and he was super pumped the entire time.

Finally, Ryan was home and it was time to watch the movie! We all got cozy, and munched our way through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Reed kept a running list of all the differences between the movie and the book, but loved the movie despite the parts it lacked.

 2. Matilda

While Ryan and Reed read Harry Potter, Asher and I first read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and followed up with Matilda. I had a lot of fun reading with Ashie. Honestly, sometimes I wouldn't think he was paying much attention, but when we met up with Bub and Daddy after reading, he always gave Reed a very detailed description of the chapter we read!

Posing with his tongue out was his idea.

We've watched Charlie many times, so didn't seek out a special screeing of the movie after reading the book. When we finished Matilda, though, we thought we'd have a fun time watching the movie since we'd never seen the movie before. We finished Matilda about a week after our Harry Potter screening. After I asked Asher if we should get Matilda the movie from the library, his first question was, "But are we going to make Ma-tilt-a food?" (I loved that he pronounced Matilda as Matilta.)

Well, I'll tell you the truth: I had absolutely zero plans of making Matilda food. But when he asked so sweetly, I knew those plans needed to change. Now, while Harry Potter is loaded with a pleathora of Harry Potter specific foods, the only really iconic Matilda food I could think of was Bruce Bogtrotter's chocolate cake. Ashie is the family's biggest chocolate fan, so I knew he'd approve.

He and I spent an enjoyable afternoon baking a chocolate crunch cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganache topping. We enjoyed our cake--which was quite delicious--while Bruce Bogtrotter enjoyed his cake on-screen, though we did not eat the entire confection (entire confection!) as Bruce did.

3. Fancy Nancy

Lila's favorite books are Fancy Nancy books. (Pinkalicious is a close second.) We didn't make any Fancy Nancy food or anything--one day, Lila--but we did have a fun Fancy Nancy inspired experiment. One day the kids decided they all needed to sit on the counter with me while I made dinner. While the noodles boiled (or something like that), we read three Fancy Nancy books they'd brought along.

Then they spent some time being goofy.

Then they realized that their legs were dangling over the silverware drawer, and in the Fancy Nancy book, Lionel taught Nancy to balance a spoon on her nose! Spoons were immediately procured.

Some children were more successful than others at balancing.

But everyone had fun.

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