Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Schooooool's Out for the SUMMER!

One of the perks of year-round school is that you have breaks throughout the year. You're out of school when the weather is actually not burn-your-face-off hot, and you can go on vacation when everyone else is in school.

One of the downside of year-round school is that it's year-round. When you finally get out of school, cousins and friends in other states have already started their NEXT school year. And your summer break is only two weeks long.

I think I like year-round school. But that may change years down the road when Reed is in middle school on a nine-month schedule and Asher and Lila are in elementary on a year-round schedule. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, last week we finally made it to Reed's last week of the year! Yippee! Hooray! We made it! Reed and I had made a countdown chain for his last two months of school and he and Asher loved watching the chain shrink and shrink and finally disappear during the last week. We also spent a joint Mom and Asher/Mom and Reed time during the last week making a summer calendar--we put everything we wanted to do during the break on sticky notes, then assigned one sticky note to each day of Reed's break. We are going to make the very best of this two week break, my friends, and wanted to be prepared going in.

Anyway, as part of Reed's last week of school, we got to attend his Kindergarten graduation and awards ceremony. Ryan took the morning off work to be there, too. (Leading up to the graduation, Reed asked me at least once a day for two weeks if I was sure Daddy was coming. So Daddy definitely needed to come.) I almost didn't make it to graduation. Poor Asher spent the night before graduation throwing up--he threw up five times before I lost count in the stupor of helping him to roll over to his bucket each time. In the morning, he seemed pretty good, but did NOT want to go to graduation. We talked him into going while Reed cried/tried to be strong in the background.

The graduation was super cute. Reed's class and another Kinder class sang a few songs--the crowd favorite being "First Grade First Grade," during which all the parents cried--then were awarded their diplomas. After, we had treats--Asher talked me into letting him have one bite-size cupcake, but I drew the line there. I did not want to need to use the grocery bags I'd stuffed in my purse for just in case. Thankfully, the bags stayed safely in my purse.

After graduation, we got to go to the Kinder awards ceremony. Reed earned an award for excellent citizenship. One tradition I really love at Forbuss is the pins. Each child is given a Forbuss Falcons lanyard at the beginning of the year, and if they earn an award they are also awarded with a pin to put on their lanyard. Reed now has two pins, one for citizenship and one for the Golden Rule Award.

The day after graduation was the last day of school! Reed had a half day of half day Kindergarten. He was barely gone when it was time to go pick him up again! He came home with a bag of his school work, his report card, and his track assignment (FINALLY!) (Track 3 with Sears). We looked through some of his old work later and I was so impressed by how far he's come this year! I had apparently forgotten what his handwriting and spelling and especially coloring looked like at the beginning of the year. He's improved so much!

After school, we killed some time at Faiss Park, where it was so hot the kids really didn't want to play, then went to a celebratory lunch at Carl's Jr. We chose Carl's because a free coupon had come along with Reed's award and he really wanted to use it. Our lunch was quite enjoyable and I was quite impressed when all three kids finished their hamburgers. I was not as impressed when all three kids spilled the entirety of the water, at different times throughout the meal.

 (This is Lila pushing the boys away and saying, "NO! Take picture of ME!")

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