Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 56

One night before we prayed, I suggested we all think of some things we were thankful for that day so the person praying could mention those things. Asher, super excited, said, "I know! We could do some grateful!" Yep.

Asher has this new thing he does (mostly to Reed), where he says, "You're a magnet. I'm a paper clip!" Then he follows Reed around, touching him and hanging around Reed's neck if possible for as long as possible. This drives Reed crazy and usually ends poorly, but secretly I think it's a little bit funny. Especially when Jae copies Asher and she says she's a paper clip, too.

Asher's lastest joke: "What do you call a pumpkin that jumps? A jump-kin!!"

I don't remember who got into legos first, but now both boys are very into legos. Sometimes Asher will disappear for a little self-time and I always know where he is: playing legos. He recently made a really cool structure. It was just a "cool thing," not something in particular, but it really was cool. The structure had a few moving pieces and the two sides of it mirrored each other--he worked really hard to make sure the two sides were exactly alike! Interestingly, he'll disappear for 30-60 minutes by himself to play with no problem, but when I ask him to do the same thing for quiet time he always complains :)

Ryan and I thought Harry Potter wouldn't be a great read-aloud book for Asher, so when Ryan and Reed started the HP series Asher and I started reading chapter books with just the two of us. So far, we've read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, Henry Huggins, and Henry and Beezus. We are currently reading Henry and Ribsy (Asher is on a big Henry Huggins kick). Asher often builds legos while I read, but he is still super engaged and listening closely. After we both finish reading, the boys tell each other what their respective chapters are about and I'm always surprised by the amount of detail both boys give.

We found out this month that Asher needs his tonsils out! We went to our pediatrician after Asher had a sleep-apnea like episode and the pediatrician didn't seem to concerned. He decided to send Asher to an ENT just to get a closer look at what was going on. The ENT took one look at Asher's tonsils and after that it wasn't even an question of if they should come out, just when his next open date for surgery was. After the doctor left the room Asher started crying and said, "Are they going to take them out right now?!" He was super worried. But I explained the process a little more to him and told him I had my tonsils out, too. By the end of the appointment, he was still a tiny bit nervous, but mostly just excited to eat lots and lots of ice cream. His surgery is at the end of August.

We instituted a new family policy to help us keep our shoes under control: if someone finds a pair of parent shoes out and puts them away, the parent owes the finder $1. If someone finds a kid's shoes out and puts them away, the kids owes $0.25. So far, Ryan and I have both owed Asher a dollar. (Reed has also owed Ryan a quarter.) Asher is now the shoe police--he is the first to see shoes where they don't belong--and has not left his shoes out once in over three weeks!

Asher learned to ride his bike without training wheels this month! What I was worried was going to be a drawn out process with lots of tears was actually a snap. After day one, he could balance and stop. After day two, he could turn and start! From there on out, we just had to work on stopping less suddenly and slowing down on turns. Now he's a pro! We took a family bike ride to Forbuss Elementary last week to test out his new skills off our street and he did great.

Asher's reading has also improved so much. We kind of fizzled out on reading lessons when Reed's reading took off (and both boys were getting kind of bored of the lessons) and Asher was picky about reading--he only wanted to read when he wanted to read, not when I asked him to try. He would also get super frustrated when he didn't know a word. Then I decided to start doing sustatined silent reading time with the boys a few weeks ago after our daily mom and Asher and Mom and Reed time. We each choose a book and read for 10-15 minutes. After about a week of SSR he was reading a book out loud to me and I was shocked! His fluency has improved so much and he is definitely beyond reading short-vowel CVC words. I was so impressed and so proud of him.

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