Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 30

One of my (many) quirks is that I make up all kinds of crazy nicknames for the people I am closest too. Now, I don't sit around, just thinking of nicknames--they seriously just come out. One of Lila's nicknames is "Jae-sy Daisy." I hadn't called her Jaesy Daisy for a while, and recently I referred to her as Jaesy Daisy. She immediately responded, "No not Jae Jae Daisy! Jae Jae Minnie!" Apparently she thought I was referring to Daisy Duck when I could be referring to Minnie Mouse, which was not acceptable. We all cracked up, and now Asher's favorite thing is to call Lila "Jae Jae Daisy" so she can yell, "NO! JAE JAE MINNIE!" 

One morning we were eating bacon. Lila tried a bite and said, "No like bumpy roads!" Bumpy roads=bacon, apparently.

I said the word medicine, talking about needing ibuprofen. Lila fake coughed, then said, "Do that. (I.e. I coughed). Need medicine." 

A super cute thing Lila does often is to come running over to me and say, "Mommy, I need lou! (you)," then to give me a big squeeze. She is my magnet and wants to be with me or touching me pretty much all the time.

One particularly long afternoon, when Lila needed me again (ha), I told her I needed a little break. She said, "O-tay (okay) Mommy" and ran off. A few minutes later she came in and asked, "Lou okay, Mommy?" She also always asks the boys if they're okay when they're get hurt. She notices how other people (especially me) are feeling and does her best to make them better.

Lila has started mostly calling Asher "A-dee B" (Ashie B) instead of Doo doo, and recently she's started calling him "Ash," which is the cutest thing ever. She can actually say "Reed" now, but still prefers to call him "Ree Ree" or occasionally "Bubbie scrubbie" (another one of my weird nicknames.)

One morning Lila grabbed me and said, "My mommy!" Asher told her that I was his mommy, too. She responded, "No, MY mommy!" We asked her who Asher's mommy was and she immediately yelled, "Daddy!"

I called Lila a "kid" and she got super offended and told me, "I not kid! I pumpkin girl!" (Another weird nickname.) When you ask her what her name is, she'll usually say "Lila Jae Hammy" (she went through a phase where she just said, "Hammy"), or "Lila Pumpkin Girl."

We were asking Lila who her boys were, trying to get her to say their names because I wanted Ryan to hear her say "Ash." We asked who her daddy was and she pointed at Ryan and said, "That guy over there!"

A friend in our ward babysat Lila and Reed one day while I took Asher to the doctor. The next week, Lila saw her babysitter on the stage leading the music, pointed, and yelled, "I went to that girl's house!" She repeated this the next Sunday.

Last Saturday, we went to see the movie Home at the movie theater. Wile I was sitting in that movie, I realized that Lila has officially hit the "why" phase. Why that guy red? Why they go in the car? Where they goin'? Why that guy purple now? And on and on. If she found my answer satisfactory, she'd say, "O-tay, mama!" or "Ohhhhhhhh!" One of the main themes of the movie is Tip searching for "my mom." Almost every time they mentioned "my mom," Lila would throw her arms around me and say, "My mommy!" 

Randomly, Lila has started calling Ryan and I "mama" and "dada" as opposed to mommy and daddy. She started one day and I could tell she was thinking about my "name" each time she said it, so she'd say "mama." Now she's pretty used to calling me mama and doesn't have to thing about it. I'm not sure exactly what brought this change but it is pretty cute.

The boys recently learned that if you ask someone to spell the words "I cup" it sounds like the speller is saying, "I see you pee." Lila thinks this is hilarious, and one day after Asher spelled I cup Lila yelled, "I see MY MOMMY pee!"

When Ryan goes into the music room to play drums or guitar, Lila usually accompanies him. She likes to bang away on our kid set of drums and she thinks the noise-cancelling headphones are awesome. Last week, they had a jam sesh, then as Ryan was cleaning up Lila started saying, "Sing ME, Daddy! Sing me! Sing Lila!" He realized that she wanted him to sing "her song"--the chorus goes, "Lila, a, a, a, Lila Jaaaaaae" and the verses Ryan makes up about Lila. She likes being the center of attention.

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