Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 80

Reed is at an age where he doesn't say funny things on accident any more. Happily, though, his funny things on purpose are becoming funnier and funnier. I did a poor job of recording them this month, but here are two of my favorites. First, a joke: Why can't you give Elsa a balloon? She'll let it go! (Disclaimer: Reed says he made this up, but I have my doubts). The next funny Reedism requires some background. Reed and Ryan have been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In one chapter, there is a "rogue bludger" that has been enchanted to attack Harry repeatedly. One day Lila, for whatever reason, was attacking Reed's underwear! He was wearing only underwear (his bedtime uniform most of the year) and Lila was pulling the waistband and snapping it and trying to pull the underwear off and would just not stop. Reed yelled, "Dad! Lila's being a bludger!" We all cracked up.

Speaking of Harry Potter, a few days ago Reed made an awesome lego setup of the rogue bludger scene. He had Harry, who was holding onto his broom with his feet and reaching for the snitch; and Draco Malfoy, sitting on his broom with the snitch on his head. He also had Gilderoy Lockhart waiting below, so Lockhart would be ready to charm the bones out of Harry's arm once Harry landed! The setup itself was so clever but I was also impressed by the amount of deatil in the scene--they read that chapter at least a week ago!

Reed's friend Tayden moved a while ago now, and I've kind of been bummed for him because he hadn't really had a good friend since. He has a buddy Anthony at school, but when I asked him if he wanted to have Anthony over to play he said no. He's also friends with the kids who sit at his table at school, but he didn't have a come-over-and-play-together friend any more. Then Joshua, from his primary class, invited him over for a play date. The two of them had a fantastic time playing together! We took Josh to the park with us this week and they had so much fun again. We are already planning another play date and I'm so glad for Reed that he has a come over and play buddy again.

I should note, though, that Reed is not sitting around lonely at home. He and Asher play together pretty much nonstop when Reed is at home and generally have a really good time together. They fight, of course, and seem to be fighting a little more than usual lately, but I think they are really going to miss each other when Reed goes to full-day school in a few weeks. They come up with games together, they build legos together, they can even play peacefully on their mobigo (a one-person game) together--they take turns watching and cheering each other on. I'm grateful that they have such a sweet relationship and that they want to spend time together and want to play together.

Reed loves the Magic Treehouse Series and read through seven books before he decided he was ready to take a little break and try something new! We found the fourth book in the Boxcar Children series in the prize bin for summer reading and I kind of talked him into trying the Boxcar Children out. We checked out the first book and he flew through it. Then I read it, too, because he wanted me to read it so we could talk about it. The next time he earned a summer reading prize we found the second Boxcar Children book, which was amazingly exciting. In the interim, he'd started book four, but he set book four aside in favor of book two. He's reading book two right now and loving it. He's super cute about reading them because he wants to tell me about them but also wants me to read the books, so he'll start telling me something, then stop and say something like, "Oh wait! I want this to be a surprise for you." I'm excited for him to read book two so I can, too!

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