Friday, August 14, 2015

The Weekly Beast: Desert Breeze

(Called the beast because, unless I get my act together and post about individual events, these posts are going to be a beast to write and a beast to read!)

Just like that, we were free from the bondage of school (ha)! We spent the first day of break (Friday) not how we'd imagined--first with car trouble for Ryan. He drove to the gas station without any problem, but when he tried to start his car after getting gas, the car did this weird clicking thing and threw up a random error code. The kids and I met the gas station, I called AAA while Ryan called the auto shop, then the kids and I took a tour of Circle K while we waited for the tow truck. In the meantime, Ryan read an article online, and was able to successfully jump his battery after the third attempt. We cancelled the tow truck and he hasn't had a problem since. Knock on wood.

After the car conundrum was solved, the kids and I made trips to the dollar store, target, and finally the post office to mail Grandma Hambly's birthday present, too late to get it to her on time. The running about was stressful and the kids were being insane. But, on a funny note, Asher had to go potty super badly by the time we got to the Post Office--and the Post Office didn't have a bathroom. There wasn't anything nearby, and he wanted to pee in a bush, which I thought would be inappropriate on government property. Luckily, we had an empty water bottle in the car and he peed in a water bottle for the first time. He giggled throughout the experience and filled the bottle almost to the top! I was seriously afraid it was going to overflow.

By this time, it was almost lunch time! The activity on our calendar was picnic/park day. I was wiped out, but we decided to go for it anyway. We actually had a lovely time eating our picnic, then the kids tired of playing after only 20 minutes or so because it was so dang humid outside! We can do heat. Apparently we can't do humidity.
(Trying to use their heads to give each other a bunzie boost. I believe they called this a "three-way-bunzie." It didn't work, but looked really funny!)

The second day of break was Saturday. The activity on the agenda was a trip to the Desert Breeze Pool! We were all excited. We actually added in another activity in the morning, and went on a bike ride first thing! We decided that Asher was ready to venture out of our neighborhood without training wheels. We rode all the way to Forbuss, where we had a picnic breakfast before riding home. He crashed once, but it was minor, and each boy had a situation that could have been awful (one involving a car and one involving a cliff) but we were otherwise good!

The pool opens at 12, so we spent the morning getting stuff done around the house, had lunch, and piled into the car to go swim! Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes of being there (5 of which were spent in the water and 10 of which were spent trying to get a life jacket), someone threw up in the pool. We decided to stick out the one hour break. We passed the time eating snacks, playing 20 questions, and playing a dice game I keep in my purse at all times. Finally, the pool opened again. We all hopped in and had a fantastic 15 minutes. Lila went with Ryan. She instructed him to hold out one finger on each hand, which she proceeded to grab. He then swished her back and forth and she said, "Weeeeeeeeeeeee!" for the entire 15 minutes. The boys and I played and the playground/slide/tunnel. And then the whistle sounded again. The pool was too full. We had to get out for an unspecified amount of time.

We'd had it. We packed up our gear, turned in our life jackets, and got a free pass for our next trip to make up for the grief of this trip. We decided to not let our day be ruined, though. Since we were all in swimming gear and really hadn't done anything yet, we went to a splash pad that was close to where we were and far from home. Ryan and I were in suits so we got in on the splash pad fun. After we were water-ed out, the kids played on the playground for a while. The boys were being adorable--they'd make "courses" for each other, and end each one at their "meeting spot." Lila pulled Ryan or I along in turns and had her run of the playground. Eventually, we were worn out and went to Costco for dinner. Yum.

On Sunday, Ryan and Reed gave talks in church. They both did an excellent job. After church, we watched Paddington Bear together, then Ryan made me steak and risotto while I made him cinammon rolls--with purple frosting, per Lila's demand.

And that was our week! I know this was a beast of a post, but I'm going to try to post a weekly beast to hopefully do a better job of keeping this poor blog updated!

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Keep the beasts coming!! I never want them to end!