Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hiding and Seeking

Hide and seek is Lila's new favorite activity. She wants to play it ALL the time. I generally oblige with at least a few rounds. One day, when she asked, "Lou play hide and seek with me?!" I decided to play and play and play. We played SO many rounds, and she never got bored of it! Asher loves hide and seek, too, so he was only too happy to join in. One of the things that I love about playing hide and seek with Lila is that if you start counting before she hides, she yells, "Wait, ME!" then when she tells you she's ready, you can count. Usually, she immediately yells, "I right here Mommy! In pantry!" (or wherever she is). When she's seeking, she counts, "nine, ten, leven, nine, ten, leven, nine, ten, LEVEN! HERE I COME!" Then she immediately starts asking, "Where lou hiding Mommy?" before she even looks.  Asher has gotten pretty good at hiding and seeking and cracks up when I come up with new hiding spots--so when I helped Lila hide in the laundry basket he about fell on the floor from laughing so hard, then of course had to hide there himself.

From another hide and seek session:

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