Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Play Costumes

About a month ago, the Disney Store was randomly having a crazy good sale that I found out about on the coupon website I frequent. One of the items on sale happened to be a spectacular Darth Vader costume that was only $20 shipped--usually $50! Asher loves Star Wars and he is a particularly big fan of the dark side of the force and especially of Darth Vader. Although $20 is more than I have ever spent on a single costume, we decided to go for it. 

Asher was exceedingly excited when his costume came. The only disappointment was that we got two right-handed gloves. The Disney Store wasn't able to exchange the glove, but they did give us a complimentary $20 credit to spend in the store! (In case you're curious, we spent the $20 on a book of kid craft ideas, a star wars book on CD that is pretty much the best book on CD we've ever had or listened to, and a Doc McStuffins toy for Lila.) A few days after his costume came, my parents flew into Vegas and Ryan and the kids picked them up. Asher went in full costume and when they climbed into the car, they were greeted by Darth Vader in the back seat!

Once Asher had his costume, Lila immediately decided on hers: Minnie Mouse. No surprise there. Happily, Lila already had a really nice Minnie Mouse costume Grandma Hambly gave her last Christmas, so we were already set.

And Reed? He knew what he wanted to be: Harry Potter. But, unfortunately, all the Harry Potter costumes I could find were at the lowest $30, which I was not exactly willing to spend. I tried looking on local facebook yard sale websites, ebay, asking to borrow--and had no luck. I resigned myself to waiting for a sale that might not ever come. Then the fates smiled upon us and I found a Harry Potter costume on clearance online for only $10. What?! The costume was different from the others in that it is a Harry Potter book four costume, an outfit Harry wears for the Triwizard Tournament. Reed and Ryan haven't read book four yet, but will have by Halloween. We explained to Reed that after book four, this costume would be even cooler to him than the regular school robes. He was sold, so we got the costume.

We patiently waited for the costume and once it arrived, Reed put it on immediately. This of course spurred a fashion show from everyone. They talked me into wearing something, so I put on the only thing I could think of: the one-piece red Dickies jump suit Ryan wore when he worked at Target! I'm not joking. I told them I was a strawberry and they loved it. Then, Asher disappeared upstairs and came down wearing a red robe and his green Mike Wazowski costume on his head, blowing my strawberry costume out of the water with his strawberry costume. Next, Lila came down with two random pieces of dress up from her dress up station. We put them on her, and she said, "How bout wear this stead of Minnie for Halloween!" I'm going to go ahead and veto that idea, though I haven't told her that yet.

Things got really goofy from there. We had lots of laughing and numerous dog piles. We had a fun night.

 Reed took this!

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