Monday, September 14, 2015

Tea for Two

At least a year ago (and maybe longer), we tried a free one-month subscription to a company that sends you a monthly box of toys for a monthly fee. The toys you get are a surprise. I had no intention of continuing the service, because we have plenty of toys already and I wasn't of a mind to spend $30 a month on more toys, but I had no qualms about accepting the free trial.

Then I didn't realize that when you signed up for the trial box, you automatically were signed up for a monthly box. So we received a second box a month later and $30 was deducted from my bank account and I was not pleased. Happily, I was able to sort that out.

Back to the free box. Inside the box was a robot matching game, a kid-sized shoe horn (how that classifies as a toy I'm still not sure), and a plastic tea set. The boys played with the tea set a few times, then it was put away in the cupboard and kind of forgotten about.

Do you see where I'm headed with this? We rediscovered the tea set. And now it's Lila's favorite thing, ever. She likes to ask, "Lou play tea with me?" or "We have tea party?" and really, how do you resist that? So we've been enjoying a lot of water tea. Then, Asher magnanimously let Lila fill her teapot with his blue powerade--one of his treats during his tonsil convalescence--and the two of them were suddenly tea best friends. Their tea parties are pretty much my favorite thing ever, even if they really are just an excuse to have a really messy drink.

Also, Lila recently figured out how to pour the tea by herself without spilling it every single time, so that's happy, too.


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