Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 57

Asher made me a paper bag puppet of me. He told me, referring to my hair (on the puppet), "They didn't have a golden marker, so I just used yellow." He always calls my hair "golden" (as in, "but isn't your hair golden?" if I refer to my hair as red), I think because of a story I once told them about how I was insistent my hair was "golden" when I was a little girl.

Asher's joke: What do you call a catterpillar with a hat on? A hat-erpillar 

We were at the church and on the way out Lila pushed on the glass church door to open it. Asher immediately said, "Why do nursery kids always have to push on the glass?!" It was SO funny.

Asher has a really, really good memory. Reed told Asher Reed's school lexia number--an eight-digit string of numbers--ONE time and Asher can now quote it from memory. Asher watched me fold a cootie catcher one week at church, then the next week he folded his own cootie catcher, by himself! I love to watch him work and think.

I asked him to smile, haha.

Asher did two years of "Buddy School"--joy school taught by me and the other moms on a rotating basis--and we were planning on doing "real" preschool this year, but our plans have changed! It's kind of a long story that I will hopefully explain in another post, but it came down to Asher not wanting to go and me realizing that he doesn't really need to go and that we can do preschool at home! I'm actually kind of looking forward to doing school with him. He's really bright and I think he will learn a lot.

I've already done a full post on Asher's surgery, but it really was a significant part of our month. I was just so proud of how brave he was. Asher doesn't like new situations and he's very uncomfortable with people he doesn't know, especially if he doesn't have someone he does know with him. I was worried he would start crying or be really upset when I had to leave him when he went into surgery. But he was just so brave and didn't act upset at all! We had taken a few steps to ease him into that--mainly the tour and talking a ton about how I'd leave him, but would meet him before he know it--but I wasn't sure any of that would work. I was proud of him for being so brave.

Speaking of tonsils, poor Ashie really was a good sport with all that has followed. He's had a difficult recovery, but he hasn't complained and he's really done his best, I think, with listening to me when I ask him to eat or drink or to try another bite.

And another tonsil note (ha)--Asher's voice is different! It's higher pitched and a little nasal. Today it was closer to what it used to be, but I'm not sure if it's going to change back all the way or stay slightly different. It will be interesting to see!

While Asher had his tonsils out (more tonsils!) we watched cool videos of lego machines that had moving parts and locks made out of lego pieces. Since then, Asher has been making his own structures with locks! His locks are usually a bar of legos he slides in horizontally (as opposed to vertically) to a gap he leaves in the structure. They're pretty cool.

And finally, after a long lego obsession, Asher has recently started playing with k'nex again. He started with "spinner things," his old standby, then built a few cool projects he found in the instructions.

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