Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 31

Lila was out of blueberries in her oatmeal and really wanted me. I gave her a few of my blueberries, then she started dancing and said, "Lucky dolly!"

When Lila wants to get somewhere and someone is blocking her path, she'll occasionally say, "'scuse me" (excuse me), but usually it's, "Tummin' through!" (Comin' through)

When Lila proposes an idea or hears and idea she likes, she excitedly says, "How 'bout do DAT!" 

When we were doing a puzzle the other day, Lila gave me a piece and said, "That one lour size. Lou do it." Now, anything she considers "big," she wants me to do; and anything "tiny" (in her words) is her job. 

One day Lila asked for a drink and I told her just a second. She set an empty cup on the table and said, "My tup be waiting for Lou!"

Lila learned the phrase "Boo yah!" from the boys and now she says it all the time. Her favorite variations are "boo yah mommy!" and "boo yah grandma!"

There's a song from one of the boys' bedtime CDs that says, "When I grow up I want to be a mother..." and I sing it all the time. One day, after I sang that first line, Lila said, "When I grow up be Minnie! For Halloween!" Another day she came up with this: "When I grow I want be baby!"

One night at bedtime, Lila said, "Mommy I need Lou tuwwle!" (cuddle), then she stuck up her arms and her legs,
 waiting. I responded, "Well I need you!" Then she said, "I right here!" Then she gave me the tightest squeeze, ever.

Lila likes to sit on the counter and "help" any time I cook. One day she was up on the counter and as I walked past on my way to the pantry she said, "Mommy lou need me! Lou need hug from me!" It was true--I did.

Lila and I were playing with her baby dolls this morning and there was one without a name. I asked her what we should name the baby and she immediately said, "Madison!" She sure loves her baby cousin! She really loved playing with all her dollies, dressing them for bed, helping one to "ride" her rocking horse, then tucking them into bed with a blanket. That night, she took her "Madison" baby and told me, "This Daddy's. Lou take it him!" She was serious, so Daddy got to have one of Lila's baby dolls for bedtime.

One day I was carrying Lila and she said, "I'm getting heavy. I walk now."

 Lila loves dress-ups and will often go accessorize herself at her dress-up station, put on shoes, then bring a dress (or two) for me to put on her. She loves to stomp stomp stomp around in her dress up shoes, which make a terrific noise, and really enjoys putting on her various dress ups!

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