Friday, September 4, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 81

Reed started first grade and so far, I've been very impressed by the work he's bringing home. His handwriting and coloring skills have improved so much when compared to a year or even six months--or even two months!--ago! He's more sure of himself when he's writing and usually doesn't write letters backward any more (S's took a looooong time for him to figure out). Numbers...well, he writes most numbers backward, ha. We're working on that. His coloring is so much neater, too! At the beginning of Kindergarten, he was always annoyed by the coloring sections of the homework and would try to complete them as quickly as possibly, using only one color and coloring out of the lines and with lots of gaps. Now his coloring is beautiful! He actually enjoys coloring now and does a great job of staying in the lines. He uses a variety of colors and doesn't just hurry through the job. He's come a long way!

Reed and Ryan are on the third book in the Harry Potter series, and Reed is still loving them as much as ever. They've started having Reed read the first page, then Ryan read for the rest of the time. I was surprised and quite impressed to hear that Reed can read the large majority of the words! He has trouble with the names and some long words, but he's basically reading the entire thing when he reads his page. His comprehension is still great. He and Asher love to give each other summaries of the books they've read with Ryan and I, and Reed's summaries are generally quite detailed. Last night, Ryan gave the chapter summary and made it brief, in order to speed things up a bit (we were a little late on bed time). Reed kept interrupting Ryan with details Ryan was missing, which was kind of hilarious. Then he recited his favorite quote from the chapter, essentially verbatim, "[Wood's] still in the showers. We think he's trying to drown himself." (Fred and George Weasley, describing Oliver Wood after losing a quidditch match.) For whatever reason, Reed thought that Wood trying to drown himself in the showers was hilarious to the extreme.

Reed is going through a really goofy phase where he just CAN'T stop if he thinks something funny. Like he'll keep fake laughing about it until we make him stop. Or he'll keep doing it over and over and over and over and over, oh, and over AGAIN until we make him stop. He is pretty sure he's hilarious and I think he is honestly confused/surprised when we don't find humor in the situation when he repeats it for the fourth or fifth time!

Speaking of funny, Reed loves jokes--so I've been sending a joke a day in his lunch box! He asks me every afternoon if I remember the joke from the day, and then we share a little chuckle over how hilarious said joke was. Or I explain it to him when it's gone over his head :)

Sometimes I'll find Reed curled up on the couch with a book, when I haven't asked him to read or he isn't filling his required reading time for school. He's just enjoying his book. And I love it!

Reed started soccer! He had opening day and his first practice last week and so far is pretty excited. He's never played before, which is kind of an anomaly among the other kids his age, but he did pretty good at practice. And he really did have a good time and learn a few things, which is the really important part. I think the exercise and the team building will both be great for him!

So far, Reed has adjusted to full-day school really well. I wondered if he'd be worn out or grumpy when he got home, but so far I haven't really noticed a difference! I think he's definitely more tired by
the end of the week, but day-to-day it hasn't affected us too much, thankfully!

Reed really missed Asher during the tonsillectomy recovery. Yes, Asher was home; but no, Asher was not available to play with. They occasionally played the iPad together, but most days Asher was just super worn out and uncomfortable by the time Reed got home and didn't want to play anything with anyone. They usually play together a lot, so Reed was left without his best playing friend! It wasn't as hard on Asher, because he was just not up to anything, but Reed was really bummed. He asked Ryan on more than one occasion when Asher was going to be feeling better.

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