Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Weekly Beast: 6

Sometimes I sit down to write my weekly beast and think, "What did we do this week?" And I have literally no idea. This is one of those times. We'll see what I come up with.

Monday does stand out to me because on Monday I started a "Feelin' Great in 8" challenge! Woot woot. Basically, I get points for things that will help me feel great, like reading scriptures, exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, sleeping, drinking water, etc. I can lose points for foods that aren't on "the plan." So far, the challenge has gone really well. I haven't been able to exercise regularly since the knee saga of 2015 (we'll see if I get around to writing about that), but got the green light from my physical therapist (AKA my dad) to start more consistent light exercise. I'm eating SO much better than I was. I really miss white rice and white pasta, but have found that I don't mind wheat tortillas. I actually haven't braved brown rice or wheat pasta, I've just kind of been avoiding that situation all together. I have a deep-rooted hatred for wheat pasta due to a brief trying to eat healthier stint before--is it just me or is wheat pasta possibly the root of all evil, not to mention grainy and not pasta-like?--and I forgot to buy brown rice. The challenge is EIGHT weeks long, though, so I may break down. Truthfully, I was kind of super grumpy last week, and I think that was in part due to my sugar dependence rearing it's ugly head when I cut most sugar out of my diet.

Buuuuuut, I did lose THREE pounds in the first week, which is one big gigantic payoff victory for me. So there is that. Anyway, here is my before picture. Let's enjoy it together:

So yes, here's to hoping the next eight weeks don't pass too slowly and that I can not only lose more weight but also feel better in physically and mentally, because my self-esteem is not currently at an all-time high.

Asher finally, finally started feeling better toward the end of the week. HALLELUJAH. They said to expect them to feel mostly better around day 10, which was mostly accurate. But it was not really until day 14 that he was back to himself. I will say that when we went to the grocery store on Friday to pick out some Ben and Jerry's for the weekend (I get two free cheat points each week and I was going to use those free points for sure!), Asher said "CHOCOLATE" in his signature style. You're wondering what his signature style is? Whenever he says "chocolate" he actually yells the world chocolate but with a hoarse, scratchy voice, so it sounds hilarious. He was definitely not able to yell "CHOCOLATE" in his signature style for most of his recovery. That was the first indication that he was mostly healed and would one day return back to his usual Asher-y self.

We got into our groove with taking Reed to school and picking him up. I had the whole first week off with my mom here, so we had to find our routine during the second week of school. Thankfully, for whatever reason, each day there are either fewer people parking or perhaps a greater number of people arriving later during dropoff and pickup time, so we can actually find a place to park. Said place is still in the desert, but I'd rather park in the desert than drive around worriedly, wondering if I'm going to find anywhere to park. After our first day of dropoff last week, where I had to carry Asher back to the car, we started using the stroller for him. By Thursday, he'd started walking again, though somewhat begrudgingly. By Friday, he wanted to play on the playground and was even quite brave on the fire pole, practically leaping over to the pole to start his descent. He and Lila like to arrive to pickup Reed a little early now, so they can play on the playground together without the hordes of kids that are playing on the playground before school.

Also, Lila wore her backpack to drop off and pick up every day. One day she even took her lunch box. In other Lila news, one day last week we went to the library. I was trying to help Asher find a book and then I realized that Lila was no longer right next to me. I quickly located her--lying on the bottom shelf, which happened to be both empty and the perfect size to fit her.

This week Lila and I also did a lot of playing with her babies. She loves changing their clothes, and even gave one of her dolls a ride on the rocking horse! Watching Lila try to get the doll positioned in a sitting up position on the horse, "holding" the handles, was one of the cutest things, ever. She also named on of her nameless babies "Madison"--we realized the baby didn't have a name and I asked Lila what we should call the baby. Without hesitating, she yelled, "Madison!" which was super cute, because she has a baby cousin named Madison.

Reed had school off Friday for a teacher inservice day, so we decided to hit the park! We were lucky, too: the day was overcast and a bit breezy, a welcome relief from the heat we have been suffering through all summer long! We ended up being at the park for a full THREE hours, which may be a record for us--if not all time, at least for this time of year. Random anecdote: that afternoon, Lila found a dress up pig nose, strapped it on, then bounced around the kitchen yelling, "Oint oint oint!"

Ryan had to work Saturday morning. Sometimes when Ryan is gone on Saturday, the day feels like every other day and is kind of a drag; so this Saturday, I decided to change that! First, the kids and I went on a bike ride to Reed's elementary school! Once again, the weather was a little overcast and breezy--or in other words, perfect for a bike ride! When we arrived at our destination, we pulled out the breakfast picnic we'd packed to find that we had left behind the spoons for our yogurt! My bad. Buuuuuuut, I remembered seeing a lifehack where the lifehacker turned the tinfoil lid of an applesauce cup into a spoon. I attempted the same with our yogurt lids. And, surprise surprise, it worked decently well! We also had bananas, so we alternated between dipping the bananas in the yogurt and slurping the yogurt off and using our makeshift spoons.

After our ride home, we cleaned ourselves up a bit, then went straight to the Home Depot kid's workshop! Last time I took the three kids to a workshop without Ryan was during last busy season and the experience was nightmarish. Lila licked paint off her paintbrush, which didn't end well. Picture her screaming as I tried to wipe the paint out of her mouth with a wet wipe.  Anyway, I don't know what got into me, but I got brave enough to try again. Happily, this experience was much better and no one consumed paint. The three kids painted their projects contentedly, then we enjoyed a snack courtesy of Home Depot while the paint dried. When it was time to build, Reed would read a step, I'd explain the step, then the boys would pretty much do their step alone while I helped Lila. A few times, the boys also needed help, and waited patiently (what?!) while I finished with Lila, then helped them. We ended with three fun football toss games--Lila called hers a "torn hole" (corn hole)--that they were all super proud of. When we got home, Reed had the great idea to tape baggies open behind the holes in the toss game, so the bags would "catch" the footballs when the kids threw them through the hole!

 Lila's bag had a tiny grape in it, and she really wanted to take a picture to send to Daddy!

When Ryan got home, we went to Albertson's for fried chicken--possibly our favorite place to go for fried chicken--then drove out to Calico Basin for a picnic dinner! The weather was gorgeous which was so wonderful. The sky was still light, but the mountains were blocking the sun which in itself was amazing. We all enjoyed our dinner. Then, when we went to throw our garbage away, we found the cutest little mouse hiding in the pole under the garbage can! When we peeked in the end of the pole, the mouse ran to the other end. We'd peek into the other end and he'd run back to the first end. We had a lot of fun with the little mouse and dubbed him "Trash Can."

After we ate, we decided to walk the boardwalk. On our walk we saw a total of four "bunny hoppers"! We got to watch one bunny eat some grass and another bunny pass under the boardwalk right in front of us. (The other two were further away.) The bunnies were so cute and it was so fun to see them up close! We also saw numerous groups taking photos and totally ignoring the signs that asked people to stay out of the meadow. The kids kept asking, "Well why are they walking in the meadow? Why didn't they read the sign?" VERY loudly, ha. I had the same questions, though--we are definitely rule followers in this family.


On Wednesday, I got called as the Blue Diamond Ward Primary President (yes, I was just released as the Coronado Ward Primary President...but that is a post in itself)--so anyway, Sunday was my first Sunday in Primary! It was madness. I was the only one from my new presidency in town and only one member of the previous presidency was in town, so it was just the two of us dealing with all the teachers we'd lost and kids we'd gained! Trial by fire. And that was our week!

This is how Lila eats toast. Goofball.

Lila always wants to do my workouts with me and, when I'm done, she likes to try on my gloves.

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