Friday, October 16, 2015

"Are" New Backyard, part 2

We finished our backyard in May, and got to enjoy it for a while. Then mid-June struck and suddenly the thought of going outside seemed quite unbearable, so our backyard was largely unused. I was kind of worried we'd enjoyed a "honeymoon phase" and now were beyond that and, as such, had spent a lot of money with little purpose. But, in the past few weeks, I've remembered why we wanted to do something with our backyard in the first place, and why we enjoyed it so much right after the yard was completed. 

The mornings and nights have finally, blessedly, started cooling. And because of the way our house faces, our backyard has complete shade for a large part of the morning--basically until the sun is directly over head. That cool combined with that shade have made for ridiculously lovely mornings. We've been eating breakfast outside basically every day. After breakfast, the kids (often accompanied by me), dig in the "digging section" or our garden. And, because we recently pulled out everything that had died in our garden, the digging section is everything except our gargantuan basil plant, ha. 

Their first goal in digging was to reach the desert they knew they'd find somewhere at the bottom of the planter. Once the were successful, they created Wet n' Wild out of dirt, with their pit to the desert being the slides. Now they've been burying objects for each other--trying to be tricky in the burying so the other person can't find the hidden item. 

At night, Ryan and I have been going out onto the "veranda," and enjoying the cool while just talking to each other without being interrupted. Relaxing and talking at night is about all we've got going date-wise lately (curse you, micro-busy season), so these nights have been amazing.

Late afternoon, when I'm starting to get dinner ready, the kids will ask if they can play in the backyard. Um, YES. Every time, kids. Keep asking--or just go on out!

I love having a back yard. We needed a yard more than I realized. 

 Lately, she's been putting her hand up any time I take a picture, then saying, "Lou take picture of my HAND!"

Aaaaand, because I took these pictures and never blogged them, how bout I put them here? Our garden got a little neglected and a lot out of hand. Before the garden became almost all digging section, this is what we had going on:

BASIL. Basil everywhere. Who knew basil would thrive in the desert? We've since taken out two of the bushes and pruned the third. It's still huge.

The pumpkin vine that threatened to take over the world. It did take over the designated digging area, which was a thing. It grew much longer before we finally took it out--because though it was growing and flowering, it was producing zilch. Turns out the very center was dead.

Micro carrots! The tops grew so long but the carrots did not.

Garden beans. I cooked these and they were not great. They were wilting anyway, so we just pulled them on out.

Seriously, basil?

I enlisted them to help me harvest basil. Then I left it in the fridge, meaning to freeze or dry it, and never did. Then the basil got gross so I threw it out, too. I'm such a gardener.

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