Friday, October 23, 2015

October so far

As you could probably tell from my last post, I got a touch behind on beasts. My bad. I'm going to use this post as yet another catch-up, then hopefully I'll hop back onto the weekly beast train. Only time will tell.

October starts with Ryan's birthday! Woot to the woot. Ryan was super excited to open his presents (mainly because he was super intrigued by the shape of the package from my mom), so we did that first thing, before he even went to work! The boys gave him new fun work socks, Mike and Ikes, and new book. The mysteriously shaped package was a huge water gun that has already been put to use in soaking the boys. He also got Trivial Pursuit for families, which we've already played a few times. Ryan LOVES Trivial Pursuit, but the edition we had was from DI and the pop-culture/sports questions were all from the 80s and 90s so I was SO AWFUL at the game, but now I actually have a fighting chance! The game also has separate kids cards, so the boys can join in. Lila just likes to play with the extra pieces.

Ryan's birthday also means the annual creation and consumption of his "ice cream pie," which actually didn't get created and consumed until a few days after his birthday due to a series of extenuating circumstances. The cake was extra good this year, though, because our local grocery store now sells Thrifty ice cream! Ryan finally got to include his favorite ice cream of all time in his cake. 

For Ryan's birthday this year, we went out to dinner at Tacos el Gordo which might have the best tacos I've ever tasted. They do have tacos al pastor, which is Ryan's favorite, favorite type of meat. He hasn't been able to find a great pastor since being on his mission--until now! So it's probably a good thing we don't live even kind of close to Tacos el Gordo or we'd be there all the time. After dinner, we went to the drive-in movie to see Hotel Transylvannia 2. It was our first time at the drive-in and we had so much fun! The movie was really cute and the kids were so good. We will definitely be going again.

October also means General Conference time. I went to the General Women's Conference the last week of September, which just made me so excited for the rest of the conference sections--the women's conference was amazing. We were able to watch the majority of all four sessions of conference and the kids were good, for the most part. I was going to put my favorite talk here, but I truly don't know. The day before conference, I was asked to speak in sacrament the week after conference--not on one specific talk, but on the overall theme or message I took from conference. This was an amazing assignment because I spent conference listening for connections and thinking about how the talks all wove together. I ended up talking about being better askers and receivers. Conference was also fun because it was my "cheat day" on my challenge, so we ate well: cinnamon rolls, hot dip in a loaf, little smokies, oh my! During conference, one of the quiet activities I pulled out for the kids were our magnetic letters and cookie sheets. Reed came up with this gem:

Lila found an ideal conference viewing spot:

Between conference sessions on Sunday, we decided to take a drive. We spent some time on google maps and realized that if we headed toward Pahrump, we could take a turn off and drive into California! This seemed like a good idea. During the drive, the rain started absolutely pouring, so much so that we almost turned around because we were worried what the roads would look like on the road back. But we pushed through and the storm soon abated. We made it to California without incident, other than Lila asking when we were going to see Grandma Hammy. Sorry baby. The drive was really beautiful, especially with the rain. The boys had to go potty in the middle of nowhere, so we pulled over and while they peed in a huge puddle (which they found hilarious) I took these shots of the beautiful scenery!

I've been walking in the mornings before the kids are awake and, as the sun has started to rise later, I've started to get to watch the sunrise! It's amazing to me how it looks a little different each time, but is always beautiful.

So Ryan and I noticed that the boys were starting to use a tone and a few phrases that were not unfamiliar to us--because they were tones and phrases we used. But not in a good way. Their speaking unkindly to each other highlighted how unkindly we were speaking to each other. We decided to make a change. After Ryan and I spent a few nights discussing the problem and what we could do, we had a family home evening lesson on speaking kindly, then created a family work of art to help us remember to speak kindly. I must admit that I was not speaking 100 % kindly when I put all the stickers on the canvas, then realized that I needed to add another line and had to re-measure and do all the stickers again. The irony struck me even at the time, but I chose not to dwell on it :)

And, of course, what's a snapshot of our life without bike pictures? We ride bikes a lot. Our problem lately is that the boys are tiring of riding on our street, but Lila isn't even kind of fast enough to keep up with them on longer rides. We need to figure something out that will work for everyone.

Lila and Asher like to play in the rocks during Reed's soccer games. One day Asher had something extra cute to show me. Lila of course immediately kicked the rocks all over, so he recreated his message:

They've been playing in the backyard alllllll the time, which is glorious. On this particular day, chalk was their jam. Asher literally covered a good quarter of the concrete in solid chalk. And he looked like he had, too.

That's all she wrote! (Literally)

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