Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 58

Asher and Lila watched a show called "Franklin and the Green Knight" one day, where Franklin (the turtle) went on a quest to find the green knight and bring spring to his pond. After the show was over, Asher disappeared upstairs for a while. When he came down, he was dressed as the green knight with a beanie for a helmet, a robe for a cape, and a plastic sword! It was awesome.

Speaking of knights, Asher I and just finished studying knights for Mommy and Asher school. Asher LOVED learning about knights and was constantly telling all of us facts he'd learned. And any time he saw anything related to knights, he would get super pumped! I loved watching how excited he was about what we were learning.

And speaking of learning, Asher read his first chapter book all by himself! What?! I was making dinner one day when Asher ran over and said, "I just read the next chapter of the Knight Before Dawn ALL BY MYSELF!" I asked him what had happened to be sure he was comprehending and he gave me a good description of his chapter. He ran off and read another chapter immediately. We finished the book together the next day. Then, he decided to start reading Mummies in the Morning. He curled up on the couch and read a few chapters, then over that day and the next, he read in the car, he read while he was walking, he read and read and read until he'd read the entire book by himself! He kept pausing to tell me cool parts and at the end told me all about the book. We were both so excited! He's recently started book 4 (in the Magic Tree House Series, which is what the other books came from to), Pirates Past Noon. This time, he's mostly been reading aloud to me. It's so fun to watch him learn to read!

We were watching General Conference and Asher was getting a little antsy. He asked, "Is this the last talker?" I just liked that he called the speakers talkers.

And speaking of funny words, here's another one for the boys to note in future months when we look at this post looking for funny things they've said: "Goed." "Goed" is in place of went and is one of Asher's few little funny words left. I love it.

Once Asher was finally recovered from his tonsillectomy, he was unfortunately quite backed up from the diet he'd been on while recovering. Like needing to go to the bathroom literally every 5-10 minutes backed up. Like we couldn't leave the house because he'd need to go to the bathroom so many times backed up. Like he couldn't fall asleep at night for at least an hour because he was so busy running to the bathroom. Like going to the bathroom 7 times during a 40-minute soccer game backed up. So that was a lot of fun for everyone. Luckily, he LOVED drinking his pedialyte/miralax combo and though it was slow going (hahahahaha), eventually we crossed that bridge, too. He's still not completely back to normal in that regard, but he is at least at full energy.

I think Asher is on a growth spurt! After his surgery, he ate hardly anything. Eventually, he worked his way back up to meals, but smaller than he'd eaten pre-surgery. Then suddenly he started needing twice as much food as he used to! I'd feed him and Lila a full lunch, he'd finish, then need more of everything! Dinner is the same. And breakfast haha. He is ALWAYS hungry. He's also been complaining of sore legs and has been kind of grumpy, in an I'm tired kind of way--so yeah, I'm thinking growth spurt. Reed better watch out or Asher will catch up to him!

Not sure what he's doing here--either reading over Lila's shoulder or getting ready to scare her haha!

Asher and I recently finished reading all of Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggins books (there are six). Asher's favorite line of the whole series came in book five, Henry and the Clubhouse. One of the ladies on Henry's paper route thinks his name is "Harry Higgins." She's his best customer, and he can't figure out how to tell her his real name (eventually, Ramona takes care of this problem for him). Anyway, one day some mishap comes to pass and he's sopping wet. The customer sees him and says, "Why Harry Higgins, you're all wet!" Asher found this line hilarious and we still quote it to each other all the time. We've now started the Ramona series and are loving those, too!

Asher has become the toast master of the house. If I gather the supplies, he can make toast from start to finish and he LOVES doing it! His suggestion any time I ask what we should eat is TOAST! His favorite kind of toast is cinnamon/sugar.

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