Monday, October 5, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 32

Lila is just a light in our family. She is so sweet and keeps us all laughing. Ryan and I just can't be upset with her for more than a few minutes because she is just so cute in every little thing she does. We will be in trouble as she gets older! She is very sweet and loving and just knows how to make us all happy!
Mama's little workout buddy

Lila is a tease and a half. Her two current favorite recurring teases are wiping kisses and oinking. Let me explain. For a few weeks, any time we'd kiss her she'd yell, "WIPE!" then wipe the offending kiss off! Sometimes she would even kiss us, then wipe her kiss off our lips, which was hilarious. She still thinks it's funny to "wipe" when the mood strikes her. As for oinking, one night we were cuddling in her bed watching the animals move on her light projector. I was asking her what noises the animals made and on horse she said, "OINK!" I told her that horses actually "Neigh." After that, any animal I asked the sound of would evoke an "oink!" and eruption of giggles from her. She has been playing this joke for a few weeks now, and just the other day for school when I asked what the letter "k" said she yelled, "OINK!" and cracked up.

Playing with Daddy. I don't know who was having more fun!

One night I was getting ready to climb out of Lila's bed after our nightly cuddle. She said, "Let's cuddle more!" I asked why and she said, "Because I love Lou!" Yes, we cuddled more.

There's a park near us that has a climbing section. The platforms look just like pringles chips, and we usually call them the "chip climbers." One day we were at the park and Lila asked if we could go to the "chipmunks." At first, I was so confused, but then the meaning finally clicked--and now we all call the climbing section the chipmunks.

One night, Lila started super-upset crying just a little while after I had left her room. It sounded like she'd gotten hurt somehow, and I hurried in to check on her. As soon as I came in, she stopped crying. When I asked her why she had been crying she told me, "Because I missed you."  

We were at church and Lila was trying to get Reed to trade toys with her during a prayer. I told her to fold her arms. She said, "I still folding my arms!" because technically, she was--she was folding one arm across her body and using her other arm to shove her toy at Reed. During a prayer later in the meeting, I told her to fold her arms again and she responded, "I trying to fold my arms. See?" (She wasn't trying very hard haha.)

While we were reading a book Lila pointed to one of the pictures and said, "This girl have new name. Lila!" 

There was one day that was actually a touch chilly at dropoff time (probably about 80 degrees ha), so I put a jacket on Lila. She excitedly said, "I know where my jacket from! Children's Place!" And then in an undertone, "I just know that."

I have to wake Lila from her nap most days to go pick Reed up from school. Unfortunately, if I put her down early she won't go to sleep, so waking her up it is. Anyway, she was super groggy one day and was laying on my shoulder as we walked across the playground. Then she said, "I lay my head UP" and looked up. I liked that she referred to lifting her head as laying her head up.

While driving, Lila noticed a sore spot on her foot and told me, "There's red on my piggie." I explained the red was just her owie from the other day and she said, "I NO LIKE RED!"

Randomly, while playing, "Hi Ashie. My name's Lila!"

Lila has started requesting "two more mimites" (minutes) of cuddling after each pre-nap and pre-bed cuddle time. She holds up two little fingers and is so sweet in her request that I plan for two extra minutes of cuddling as part of our routine (and really, when I am I going to say no to cuddling?). 

I often find Lila in her little chair, curled up with a book! I love it so much. She also makes many, many requests to read books with me throughout the day, which we usually do.

Lila has been LOVING buddy school. She asks every day, "We do bubby sool today?"

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