Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Monthly Reed: A Lot (82)

First, a few Reedisms
One day he a magic potion with grandma. It was an invisibility potion and she told him if he ever got in trouble at school he could spray it on himself. He said, "I don't think that will ever happen." 

Asher fell out of bed and the noise woke Reed. I went in and Reed was climbing out of bed. I told him to climb back in bed. He responded, "What are you taking about?" So I told him to climb in bed again. He was so confused and asked, "Me?" Eventually I coaxed him onto his bed, where he sat. I told him, "Lay your head on your pillow." Blank stare. So I patted his pillow and showed him where to lay. He complied, and I told him to go back to sleep.  "Me?" Poor thing was SO disoriented. I was laughing the entire time, trying not to be too loud!

One day: "You want to know what was so mind blowing to me? When you told me Indians came from Lamamites. I was like (mind being blown sound effect)" And lately, if something is mind blowing, he just puts his fist by his forehead, and while making an explosion sound, opens his fist. It's hilarious.

Reed's costume came in the mail and he wanted to put it on immediately. He said, "I just couldn't stop seeing it in pictures and not wearing it."

After his first game he asked if they won. They lost 8-3 :)--but he was still pumped and had a good time. 

We were on a bike ride and passed a few "secret passages" that cut through neighborhoods. Reed said, "There are so many secret passages it's like we are at Hogwarts!"

There's a mini mart all over Vegas called "Green Valley Grocery." The boys thought the sign said, "grock-er-y" and started singing "Geen Galley Gockery" over and over. I told him it was grocery, and he kept singing grockery. Asher said, "BUB! It's grocery!" Reed responded with, "I know I'm just speaking Reed!" Also, every time we pass Green Valley Grocery now they sing Geen Galley Grockery.

What did Reed do this month, you ask? 

Started first grade! Technically he started first grade in August, but September was his first real full month of school. His favorite thing about full-day school is going to specials. He LOVES specials. He checks the calendar every day to see which special he is going to. I think his favorites are art and music. He also likes library, because Mrs. Lytle is our favorite person, and he has fun at PE but I think he will like PE more when it's not so crazy hot outside. He likes technology just fine, but that class is not as much of a big deal to him because he got to use computers a lot in Kindergarten, and they have technology twice as much as any other special, so it's just kind of normal for him.

Accelerated Reader. So I must admit, I have left for Reed kind of an Accelerated Reader legacy (ha). He just doesn't know it yet. (I was on the AR National Honor Roll because I earned so many points. Mic drop.) Anyway, Reed took his first AR test this month! He read Beezus and Ramona all by himself--which took a while, because it's a lot longer chapter book than he's read on his own before. We logged in to AR at school, he took the test, and got 10/10! Later that day, they took their first in class test on a picture book and he got full points for that one, too. 

And speaking of reading, Reed still loves reading books. He is usually kind of done with school work after he gets home and does his homework, so we've started having him do his "required" reading in the morning before school, which has worked really well. He's on track break now and I've found him several times by himself, reading a book. And he really loves being read to. He and Ryan just started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (#4), and reading with Ryan is one of Reed's favorite parts of the day. When we don't read chapter books at night--either because Ryan is working late or we were out late and just need to get to bed--Reed is SO disappointed.

Reed is still into everything Harry Potter. The boys cast spells around the house, which is amazing. A few times for homework, Reed has been required to write about a character or the setting or something about a book he is reading. He chooses Harry Potter every time. Both boys refer to all owls as "Hedwig" and any time they see a lightning bolt say, "It's just like Harry Potter!" He is even going to be Harry for Halloween.

Reed is very confident on his bike. He does tricks for us all the time--things like standing up while riding, standing up and pedaling, standing up and putting his feet on his pegs, sticking one leg straight out to the side, balancing his knee on his seat--the list could go on, I'm sure, but that's all I can think of now! He's also very fast on his bike.

Let's talk more about reading. Reed came back with his beginning of the year assessments. He was doing great in math (about 90th percentile) but on reading--oh my gosh. On one reading/comprehension assessment, he could have been in the 90th percentile if he scored 80 points. He literally scored in the 140s. He had similar high scores in all the reading categories, and his reading level was scored at 4.4 (which is what an average fourth grader should be reading the fourth month of school). I knew he was a good reader but I was shocked at how high his levels were! He's also told us in class that he's become known as someone who reads well, so if one of his classmates around him doesn't know a word, they will ask him to read it for them!

I think I've mentioned this before, but I was probably overly worried about lunch time for Reed at school. The first few weeks he sat by his friend Anthony, but then Anthony went on track break. Within a few days though, he was sitting with "like a lot of kids from my class" and will tell me "a lot of kids want to sit with me" which I love. He is a sweet boy but not super outgoing so I worry about him making friends! But apparently he's got that covered.

Reed's first project for school was making an "all about me" poster. We got to put all his favorite things and had a fun time working on it together. He got to be the first student of the week, so was the first one to get to display his poster! Here are his favorites: Favorite sport: soccer. Favorite team: BYU. Favorite book: Harry Potter. Favorite food: Pizza rolls (we ran out of room to add this, but had printed a picture and everything). Favorite show: Phineas and Ferb. Favorite place: Red Rock. Favorite animal: Platypus. Favorite color: Blue and Green. Also, we used Harry Potter font for his title because Harry Potter.

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