Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wake Me Up When September Ends

So I didn't really feel that way about September ^^, but when I was trying to think of a title for this summary of September, starting from when I fell off the weekly beast bandwagon, I immediately thought of that song and it's been in my head now for approximately 2 weeks (the amount of time I've taken to finish this post) and so the title just seems to fit. So there you go.

Soccer started in September! I know I already posted about opening day and the first game, but having a kid in a sport has been interesting. We only have one practice a week and one game a week, so it's not like we are totally swamped, but adding even that to a schedule that usually doesn't have any weeknight activities and definitely no Saturday scheduled activities has been an adjustment! Reed loves soccer and has made friends with the boys on his team. Soccer has been good for him. My one complaint is that our games are at 11:45 every week--so not only are the games super hot, but they are at an awkward time. We don't have time to really do an activity before, and after the game and lunch and a nap for Lila there's not too much time to do an activity at night, either! We only have three games left and while I have overall enjoyed the experience, it will be nice to have a little break.

I've started going to the grocery store during the day again--as opposed to by myself at night--because even though I have to drag everyone with me, at least I'm not spending a night alone in a grocery store. And, the kids have been surprising me and have seriously been fantastic during every big shopping trip, having very few meltdowns. They save the meltdowns for the quick shopping trips. Who knows why. Our big shopping trips can be quite the trips, too: I try to shop for two full weeks of groceries and go to at least two stores, sometimes three, every big trip. I make them each a list of items we are buying and they stay busy checking off each things I put into the cart. Lila "checks off" by scribbling all over a notebook :)

One day, when I was unloading our haul, Lila parked herself on the improvised door stop. Every time I passed by with empty hands, she asked for a kiss and a hug and a high five. I'm so lucky to have her.

"School" has been going well. The first subject we learned about was dinosaurs! Asher got really into dinosaurs while we studied. We built a model of an ankylosaurus and now the ankylosaurus is Asher's favorite dinosaur. He is quick to spot ankylosaurus in any book about dinosaurs. I asked him why ankylosaurus was his favorite and he explained, "Because they have plates AND spikes." As part of our school week, we made a "paper bag book." Each page has an extra sheet that slides out with Asher's favorite facts about the dinosaur spotlighted on the page. He is quite proud of the book, even a full six weeks later, and still looks at it often.

One weekend, my mom was flying out of Vegas to go to Idaho. She came a day early to go see Reed play soccer. After the game, we went out to a pioneer day event at Spring Mountain Ranch. We had such a good time! I think the crowd favorite was the black smith demonstration. After ten minutes or so, Reed tired of the black smith and moved on with my mom, but we had to drag Asher away another ten minutes after that! AND we stopped and watched again on our way out! The boys also loved making s'mores, trying to wash laundry with a washboard and tub, and panning for gold.

After Spring Mountain Ranch, we went to Calico Basin for a little picnic. My mom and I are doing an eight-week health and fitness challenge together, so we cheered each other on through our servings of veggies :) The kids were SUPER goofy at Calico, having a dance party on the platform and busting all kinds of moves. And, because our family is composed of rule followers, every time they saw someone off the boardwalk taking family photos, they asked loudly, "But why didn't they like read the signs? Don't they know they're not supposed to go in the meadow?!" There's not really a tactful way to answer that question, but really, I had the same questions, too. There are signs posted literally every five feet about staying out of the meadow. Come on, people.

On the way around the boardwalk, we stopped a few times to sit on the benches and revel in the glorious weather--Calico Basin was at least 15 degrees cooler than Vegas and shady. The kids and Grandma were going on various "dates" on their bench, driving to the movies or the ocean or McDonald's, while Ryan and I had a micro-date by having an uninterrupted conversation on our bench. Oh, and a note on Jae's pants: Grandma brought Lila's these new jeggings and Lila of course wanted to try them on immediately--then wear them all day. She kept saying, "Look at my new cute pants!"

After dinosaurs, we studied knights! Asher got even more excited about knights than he did about dinosaurs. One thing we learned about knights is that their shields usually had a symbol that helped identify the knight holding the shield (the page explaining this was literally Asher's favorite page in the book). We designed shields on paper--mine had an oak tree and Asher's had an owl--then we cute shields out of cardboard that Asher and Lila painted in a more abstract fashion. I had extra cardboard after cutting the shields, and the cardboard was already kind of shaped like a sword, so I created a few truly awkward swords, too.

We also made a graham cracker castle one day. I didn't want to buy new candy, because I'm on my challenge and didn't want anything tempting around the house, so we used all the random candy we'd gotten from the parade we went to earlier in the summer with grandma! We also didn't have quite as many graham crackers as I'd originally thought, so our castle was a little underwhelming. BUT, we did have a fantastic time making it, and the kids even ate a good portion of the castle over the next few days. Win.

Lila still likes to accompany me every time I prepare a meal. If I have a job for her, she's only too happy to help. One day I put her in charge of the grapes. She was supposed to put a pile of grapes on each plate. She opted for a "one for the plate, four for my mouth" method. After a few minutes, she told me, "I LIKE being in charge!"

We went on an early morning bike ride before school one day and were surprised to see an upside-down hot air balloon! We were a little concerned for the safety of the passengers, so we looked it up and found out that the balloon is a trick! It's designed to look upside down, but the basket is really on the bottom, by the big part of the balloon. The basket on top is a decoy. The pilot can't see, so the upside down balloon is always accompanied by it's right-side-up twin, whose pilot pilots (ha) both balloons. Also, there were SIX balloons out that morning!

Jae Jae likes to cuddle with a stuffed animal and book at bed time. This particular day, she wanted to read her Bitty Baby book to her Bitty Baby. SO CUTE.

So remember how I mentioned that soccer is at an awkward time? Sometimes we fill the morning with project-y kind of stuff we need to get done, and sometimes we leave as soon as everyone is up and do something we can finish before 11! One day we decided to hike the Fort Apache caves, since it had been quite a while since we'd hiked there last. We were early enough that it wasn't too hot yet, which was great. There was a lot more trash in the caves than I remembered, but the view of the city really is beautiful.

The last week of school before track break--which also happened to be the last week of September, which also happens to mean you've read almost all the way through this beast of a post--was a spirit week! The themes weren't quite as exciting as our last spirit week, and I only took photos on my two favorite days. First was picture day/crazy sock day, which was kind of my favorite, because we were business on the top...

...and party on the bottom! We are so dope. Reed wanted to match with me and I was only too happy to oblige. I'm going to show high school Reed this one day to prove he knew how cool I am at one point in his life. In case you're wondering, once the other two saw Reed wearing sweet socks they wanted to wear sweet socks, too. They all took several wardrobe changes before deciding on their final pairs. And I thought it might just be fun to join them. It totally was. And, in case you're wondering, Asher at one point had four pairs of socks layered on top of each other. I think he has two layered pairs on below:

The other fun day was hat day! The day started off in a less-than-fun fashion, when Ryan's car wasn't working like it should. We took him to work, then went straight to school. After walking allllllll the way from the car to Reed's class line (which is a surprisingly long distance), I realized that the reason all the kids were wearing hats was because it was hat day! And we'd forgotten! Happily, we had enough time to run home--Reed didn't even complain or ask about going home even though he'd been really excited and had his hat all chosen out, which made me want to take him home even more--where I quickly dashed inside, then drove safely but swiftly back to school. We didn't have enough time to park and all walk over, so Reed was dropped off at the gate for the first time in his life. He's been too nervous up until now to be dropped off. He was still nervous today, but wanted to be brave. He was a touch teary and I almost just parked and walked, but he decided to do it if I stayed and watched until he got across the playground. He looked back every five steps or so until I couldn't see him any more. The next day, he told me it was like not even a big deal and he wasn't even nervous (ha) and I could totally drop him off again if I needed to.

The last day before track break, Reed took his very first Accelerated Reader test on Beezus and Ramona and scored 10/10. Way to go, Buddy!

And I lied. I just found a third photo of spirit week. This photo was cute to me less because the day theme (blue and school spirit) and more because of these cute brothers, who matched as closely as they could!

And phew! We made it through September, and it's only three weeks into October. Go me.

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