Friday, November 6, 2015

Gilcrease Orchard

Our ward boundaries were realigned at the end of September, and we found ourselves in a new ward! With the ward change, I was released as primary president of the Coronado Ward on Sunday--then called as Primary President of the Blue Diamond Ward on Tuesday! I may or may not devote a post to that at some point. It's in the docket, but we all know how fantastic I've been at blogging lately.

Anyway, one of the great things about this new ward is that the women have all been so friendly and, even though I'm in primary, I feel like I've still been able to meet people and to kind of start making friends. Kind of. BD Ward has a very active facebook page and, happily, people in the ward like to do things together and to invite others along! One such outing was a trip to Gilcrease Orchard. I had heard mention of Gilcrease Orchard before and even toyed with the idea of taking a trip last year--but that didn't pan out and I kind of forgot Gilcrease existed. Then someone posted that they were going out to Gilcrease and did anyone want to come? I realized this was the perfect opportunity to go! Reed was on track break, so he got to accompany us.

I was following my GPS to get to Gilcrease--and it is quite a jaunt--and was pretty sure my GPS was leading me astray because we were in the middle of a regular neighborhood and, according to the GPS, were less than a mile from the orchard. Then, all of a sudden, the neighborhood stopped and the orchard started! And where the orchard ended, neighborhoods started again--but that's Vegas: houses everywhere. The orchard has extensive gardens where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables. I was hoping to pick apples, but unfortunately for me apples weren't available when we went. The kids did get to taste the Vegas-famous apple cider donuts and freshly made cider. I was right in the middle of my great in eight challenge, so I abstained--but judging by the way the kids literally licked the last drops of frosting from the plate, I'll say the donuts were pretty tasty. 

After donuts, we loaded our group--which ended up being 6 or 7 moms plus kids, and we each had 2 or 3 kids with us!--onto the free hay ride! Lila was really, really confused about why we weren't wearing seat belts, but after reassurance from me she decided she was okay with her lack of seat belt. The tractor took us to the pumpkin patch. We all wandered for a while, and the kids and I picked out one baby pumpkin as a "souvenir." After we paid for pumpkins, most of the group left. My kids were clamoring to ride the hay ride again--we hadn't taken the full trip around the orchard before--so I stayed, along with two other moms and their kids. The second hay ride was quite enjoyable, too, and everyone was okay with heading home after we finished--which I was happy about, because oh my goodness it had gotten hot!

The kids and I hopped in the car and I put the key in and started the car--and then the car made the weirdest sound I've ever heard come from a car. I turned the car off and started it again and, luckily, the sound didn't come back. Our gas light came on after just a few minutes of driving, though, so I knew we'd need to stop for gas even though stopping and starting again made me nervous. After we stopped and filled the tank, I wasn't too surprised when the car didn't start at all. Yay. Thankfully, the person at the pump next to me was willing to come give me a jump so the kids and I could make it home. Over the course of the next few days, Ryan had to replace the alternator, the starter, AND the battery. We also decided to buy ramps to replace our jack stands, so Ryan could work more securely under the car. And, when we got home from purchasing jack stands, we realized that our jack wasn't going to cut it--so we made another trip to Harbor Freight to buy a heavy duty jack. These parts and tools added up quickly; but I'm so grateful Ryan is handy and is able to do repairs like these, because I know taking the car in would have cost a lot more than what we paid for parts. Random side note: when Ryan was already underneath the car, he told me, "Oh, I meant to show you how the jack works so in case the jack stands fail and the car is on top of me you could get the car off." Cool honey. Thanks for telling me you have potential of being crushed by the car you are currently underneath. Happily, the jack stands did not fail; and once Ryan was done working on the car he showed me how to use the jack, which is a little bit scary. 

Good job looking, guys.

One of the friends who came to the Orchard was one of Asher's best buddies, Landon! Asher was so excited.

Reed was willing to pose for a picture.

Asher was not.

Our souvenir!

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