Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hallowinning: Bikes and the Beach

I maybe already mentioned this on ze blog, but a few weeks ago, we went to the Mountain's Edge community yard sale. In addition to a giant box of legos we bought for $18 and a few odds and ends we picked up for around another $10, we got a free glass patio table--the rectangular shape making it a much better fit for our backyard than our previous circular table--and a bike rack that could go into our trailer hitch! We were particularly excited about the latter because, though we *can* fit all our bikes into our car if needs be, fitting all our bikes into our car isn't exactly easy. Anyway, when we were packing up for California, we put the kids' bikes and the bike trailer in the back of the car, then attached the empty rack to the back, with plans to borrow Ryan's parents' bikes (so we didn't have to drag ours along) and go for a ride at the beach!

When we were loading up to go to the beach, we realized that we are total nerds and left the two-inch connector that connects the bike trailer to a bike. It was still on my bike, where it's been for the last two years. Bummer. Summer. We decided to go anyway, letting Ryan and the boys ride while Lila and I played at a beach front playground. Lila and I drove the boys up the bike path, dropped them off, and watched them start.

Here's how Lila felt about being left out.

And as they rode away...

This happened.

A selfie with me cheered her up.

But then she remembered that the BOYS WERE ON BIKES. WITHOUT HER.

So screaming Lila and I drove to the park where, once released from her seat and given a bike, was perfectly happy again.

She rode around the sidewalks for just a few minutes when suddenly, the boys were back! We were shocked at how fast they'd been. Apparently we'd misjudged the distance. Ashie decided to stay and play with us, but Reed and Ryan turned around to ride back past where they'd originally started, with plans for us to pick them up once they got tired.

Asher, Lila, and I did a lot of swinging and playground playing. Then we walked out by the water, long enough to find some really cool, really big shells. Finally, we decided to try out the zip line.

They were huge fans of the zip line. After a few tries, my phone started ringing--it was time to pick Ryan and Reed up! We met up with them and they told us all about their adventure down the bike path and riding out on the pier over the water. They had a fantastic time and were so glad they went.

We returned to the play ground for a picnic lunch. I took all the kids potty. While we were gone, a seagull STOLE Reed's sandwich off the table! From right next to Ryan! After that, he stacked up all the plates to protect the food. When I came back with the kids, birds were literally circling our table. Luckily, once we were all sitting at the table, the birds stayed back--kind of.

After lunch, we of course had to let Reed have a few turns on the zip line. And then it was on to the next activity: San Buenaventura Mission!

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