Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hallowinning: Pumpkins

The plan was to have one Halloween post. Then I added the just pumpkin carving pictures and I realized that there was no way Halloween was going to be one post. So please enjoy the first installment of Halloween posts: pumpkins.

The weekend before Halloween, we ventured to the Mountain's Edge Fall Festival after Reed's soccer game. A friend had told me that free pumpkins are handed out at the event, but because we had Reed's soccer game and the primary program practice, we wouldn't get to the festival until the last hour it was running--and I was pretty sure we wouldn't get a pumpkin. As it turns out, I was wrong. 

Ryan and Lila had gone on a little date to the festival during the morning while the boys and I were at the church practicing for the primary program. The festival was super crowded, even though they went right at the beginning, but they did get to ride a few rides, have Lila's face painted, and decorate a pumpkin. Lila had so much fun with Ryan and was quite eager to take us all back to the festival. When we did all go, there were still quite a few people there, but apparently no where near as many people as when Ryan and Lila had gone in the morning! The lines for the rides were super short, so we got to do several rides in our limited time. There were no kids trick-or-treating at the trick-or-treat booths, so we got to set our own pace and get all the candy we wanted. And because the festival was almost over and there were still many, many pumpkins, the organizers were telling people to take, and I quote, "As many as you want. Do you want more? Please, take pumpkins!" We took five, which I schlepped to the car while Ryan and the kids played, then as we were leaving decided to grab five more because, well, why not?

We schlepped all our pumpkins to California with us. (Before this blog post, I have never actually use the word "schlepped." Now I've used it twice.) And, when pumpkin carving night came, we were glad to have so many! Janelle's girls already had their own pumpkins, but Peyton and Zoe ended up carving two each. Ryan carved a stack of three pumpkins. And there was even a pumpkin left for Steve to carve.

Reed wanted a Harry Potter pumpkin--is anyone surprised by that? He drew the basic idea, then I went to work with the knife.

Asher wanted a Darth Vader Pumpkin--also not a surprise. He colored a glorious Darth Vader picture he didn't want carved. Then, when Grandma pulled out the candles, Asher started crying--he hadn't realized we were lighting the pumpkins. Happily, I was able to carve his Darth satisfactorily. I especially love the hand and the lightsaber he drew--they circled around the back of the pumpkin.

At first, Lila only wanted her cat pumpkin. But then she changed her mind, as she is wont to do, and had Ryan carve her a tiny jack-o-lantern.

One of Zoe's pumpkins was an owl, and one was a cute face. Peyton did an upside-down bat...and maybe another one I can't remember. And Kamdyn made an adorable little ghost!

Steve was at work when we carved, so he carved his pumpkin the next day. And Asher sat next to Steve for at least a solid hour, just watching the carving process.

Halloween in Simi this year was exceptionally warm, and within a day or two our pumpkins were quite droopy. Luckily, we carved them right before Halloween, so it was okay to throw the pumpkins away :)

And in case you're wondering about Reed's outfit...we'd gone thrift shopping earlier in the day and found super cheap dress-ups to add to Jae's dress-up station. We had the boys try on a few as a joke, but Reed ended up loving the Chinese dress-up because it was so cozy. He even wanted to wear it to bed! Silly boy.

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Reed is KILLING me in his Chinese garb hahahah I love it!!