Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hallowinning: San Buenaventure + Best of the Rest

We did something on this California trip we've never done before: visited a mission! The San Buenaventura Mission, to be precise. Honestly, I was a little worried that the kids would run-a-muck and break things, but happily, no muck was run. The Mission tour started with a room full of artifacts from the original mission, which was founded in 1782. The boys were especially impressed with the old wooden bells on display.

After touring the inside, we went out into the courtyard, which was just beautiful. The weather was perfect, too, and we were all happy to enjoy wandering.

At one point, each child occupied his or her own bench.

Ryan and I tried to take a selfie, which Reed felt the need to photobomb.

So of course we decided to have everyone hop in!

Then Asher wanted to take pictures of Ryan and I. Sure thing, Ashie B.

After some outside wandering, we went into the chapel, where the kids were a little rowdy. They were very interested in the lit candles, and the big altar at the front of the chapel. They also thought the little benches for kneeling that folded down from the back of the pews were amazing. I think this experience was their first inside a church that wasn't an LDS chapel, and they were kind of in awe over the differences.

We were at the mission on a school day, so we were basically the only people there, which was awesome. And, as we were leaving, the kids decided to tackle Ryan for hugs.

After the mission, we went to a few thrift shops a few doors down. One of the shops had all their Halloween items marked 50% off--two days before Halloween--and we scored with dress-ups for Jae for only $1-$2 a piece. We also found a fantastic bike for Ryan--his current bike is pretty cheaply made and not awesome--and we even had our bike rack to transport the bike on! Then we found a box of Halloween plastic weapons that was marked $6. It was a HUGE box and was only $3 with the sale--so it came home! We are now heavily outfitted for any pretend battles we encounter.

And now, a few random pictures:

One night, I found them all snuggled up like this in a queen-sized bed. SO CUTE.

Not in California, but I wanted this picture to be on the blog.

On our way to CA, we stopped at Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker. We've driven by this store countless times and had never been in. Now we have!

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