Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hallowinning: Trick or Treat

One of the great things about being in California for Halloween is that we get to trick or treat with cousins. This Halloween we went with Peyton and Zoe!  The kids were all so cute in their costumes. Zoe was a masquerade person, Peyton was a 50's girl, Reed was Harry Potter, Asher was Darth Vader and Lila was Minnie Cinderella Minnie. 

Months before Halloween, Lila decided that she most definitely, without a doubt, was going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I was whole-heartedly on board, mainly because we already had an adorable Minnie costume. Lila never wavered from her desire to be Minnie--until the LVMPD trunk or treat we went to. That night, she decided she wanted to be Cinderella (another dress-up we already had). A few days later, we went to the Haunted House at the library, and she wanted to Cinderella again. And on her date with Daddy to the Fall Festival, she wore her Cinderella costume. So when it came time to pack for California, Ryan and I decided to go the safe route and pack the Minnie costume AND the Cinderella costume. After maintaining all afternoon that she wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween, when it finally came time to get dressed she chose Minnie. Go figure. Unfortunately, though she wore her Cinderella costume on three separate occasions, I never took a picture of her as a princess. You'll just have to trust me when I say she looked cute. She also looked cute as Minnie:

At every house she chimed in with "tick-were-teet!" And at every house, after she got her treat, she'd run down the driveway and yell, "I got THIS!" She'd also let us know if she scored: "I got TWO!!!!!" She was so exuberant. I was worried she was going to trip on the driveways pretty much every trip down, but luckily she was okay! As the night wore on, she got tired and would hang back by the adults while we walked between houses. Once she saw the kids headed up the driveway, though, she'd take off in a sprint to catch up, which was super cute. She also decided that she and Uncle Steve are friends and often grabbed his hand between houses.

Reed looked magical as Harry Potter. When he dressed up as Harry for spirit week last year, we just made pipe cleaner glasses. This time, we bought glasses from the dollar store and pushed the glass out. The real glasses made him look so different and so much older! (Side note: He and Ryan sprinted through the first 20 chapters of HP 4--and we also listened to large portions in the car on our trip--so Reed would know why his robes said "Potter" on the back! Luckily, we made it far enough into the book by Halloween and Reed was even more pumped on his costume.)

And of course, Ashie Vader. I love this little dark side fan. For his birthday, he got Storm Trooper converse, which were the perfect match for his costume. He force choked me too many times to count. And having a mask was awesome for him because he didn't even have to smile or really look for pictures.

I made them pose by the pumpkins again :)

Lila's face!!!

Peyton was the most adorable 50's girl. And she gave Reed her shirt after Halloween, because it was a boys' shirt and hard to button up haha. I don't know how I didn't get a picture of Zoe alone, but she was stunning in her costume! (Side note: Kamdyn went trick or treating with friends so is not pictured. They were wearing super creepy masks from some movie I can't remember the name of!)

We ended up with more candy than ever before. We ate at least a gallon-sized bag before I gave everybody their own sandwich size bag to fill. We then donated two gallon-sized bags to troops overseas! The kids have been slowly working through their individual bags and as of today (11/18) they still have about 5 pieces left, each!

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