Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spring Mountain Ranch

The week after our trip to Gilcrease Orchard, a girl in the ward--Lindsey--invited us to go out to Spring Mountain Ranch! Her husband is a ranger there and she regularly organizes small group kid-friendly hikes. Reed was still on track break and we were only too happy to fill one of our days with a fun outing. 

When everyone had arrived, we took a slow walk around the lake. We were so slow because the kids were so excited about the water. They threw rocks and sticks in and every time we found a beach area, they had to stop so they could go close and touch the water. Lindsey caught a crawdad (!), then let the kids touch the crawdad while she pointed out various features. Side note: I'm not brave enough to catch a crawdad.

After our meandering walk, we went to the field and had a picnic! We'd gotten a little toasty on the walk, but the temperature in the shade was amazing and the picnic was quite enjoyable. Hooray for a fun day!


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Kayla Martin said...

Lila looks so adorable (and grown up!) in that hat!!