Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 60 (5 YEARS!!!)

Ashie B is 5 years old!!! How did this happen? I am still not sure. (Also, on a side note, I've always included their stats in their yearly posts, but guess who forgot to write down Asher's stats at the doctor's office? Fail.)

The lego magazine gave the boys instructions on how to make Ninjago headwear from shirts. So we did!

Asher recovered from his tonsillectomy, then recovered from his constipation that resulted from his tonsillectomy, and he's finally back to normal! While we were in California, Ryan's mom asked me if we'd noticed a difference in Asher since the surgery. Honestly, I hadn't really stopped and thought about that, but as I thought for a minute I realized that we had seen a huge improvement as far as energy levels go. Before the surgery, Asher would get very tired and grumpy by late afternoon. He would often be up in the night and would end up in our room, either to cuddle or just to be tucked back in. He had bags under his eyes all the time. And he snored like you wouldn't believe. Now he doesn't seem to have such a huge dip in energy in the afternoon--though he does still get a little grumpy sometimes ;) Since he recovered from the surgery, he has not been in our room even once in the night. His bags are gone. And he's so quiet in his sleep that I literally have to feel his back to make sure he's breathing! Some kids, before their tonsillectomy, get sick a lot or have trouble with strep. Asher wasn't ever sick often, so there hasn't been a change there--but Ryan and I agree that Asher is sleeping way better than he was, so hooray!

We decided to take a break from preschool while Reed was on track break. I had every intention of continuing school, but Reed didn't really want to do school with us (you know, because he's so beyond all the preschool stuff) and Asher was jealous that Reed got to spend his M + B time playing while Asher spent three M + A times each week doing school, even though he generally loves school. Anyway, taking a break wasn't a huge deal, so we did it. When we got back into town and Reed started school again, though, Asher wanted to start his school again immediately! I honestly hadn't even prepared anything, but when he was super excited and asking, "We're doing school today, right?!" I didn't want to damper his enthusiasm. Luckily, I have a few things we can always do, so we did it. He's been super excited each time since. And, in happy news, we finally found Pirates Past Noon, which has been missing for a good three weeks. The book was under the toy box, of course. Asher and I finished reading it together yesterday.

Think he liked his cake?

Speaking of reading, I really love watching Asher read. Reading a chapter book out loud together has been really fun. And I'm often surprised by the words he can read! He still stumbles, of course, and there are words that he completely guesses, based only on the first letter and the approximate length of the word. But sometimes, I'll see a word coming and be ready to prompt him--then he reads the word without a pause!

Asher loves to see what Reed is doing and is often looking over Reed's shoulder--particularly when Reed is doing homework. It makes Reed kind of crazy, but I think it's kind of cute. Reed started taking Accelerated Reader tests and Asher has been following right along with each test. He knows all the answers, too :)

Turning five has boosted Asher's confidence. The other day I went to help him put on his sweater because the sleeves were inside out and I just assumed he'd need help. He pulled away and said, "Mom! I'm five now. I can do it!" And he totally did. Being 5 has spurred him to do things without help he never would have tried before.

He found instructions for building a camera in the lego magazine and built one himself! He added his own hinge piece so the camera opened.

Asher is becoming way more comfortable on his new spider man bike, too! The first few times he rode the bike were especially rough. His bike has the same size wheels as Reed's does, but the frame is a little bigger, so overall the bike is a little taller. And Asher was just a touch short for the bike--his tippy toes could barely, barely brush the ground when he was trying to balance and get started. As a result, Asher would often fall over when he was trying to start or when he braked successfully, then was trying to balance standing up. For a week or two, he and Reed actually traded bikes. But lately he's been doing great and falling way less often! He still has a little trouble when he brakes, then tries to balance--that's when he's most likely to fall--but has even improved so much there! He's getting more confident and has started doing some of his old tricks, like sticking one leg out to the side or standing up on the pedals.

Ironically, we were out riding as a family one day and Ryan and I were commenting on how Asher had improved and was crashing less. Literally less than two minutes later, Asher had one of his worst crashes yet, smashing his lip into either his bike or the ground. His lip was bleeding and he was screaming, and we'd all ridden our bikes to Reed's school so he had to ride all the way home! He did a great job, though, and once we got home we cleaned him up and cuddled some more.

I introduced Asher to the joys of peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches recently. He is my only peanut butter lover and I am happy to say he loved the sandwich as much as I do. We ran out of bananas because he and I were eating our PBHB's so often. After we ran out of bananas, Asher asked for a PBHB. When he found out we didn't have bananas, he had an idea: we could put frozen blueberries on the sandwich instead! I was skeptical, but let him try. (And of course, Lila wanted a jam honey with blueberries). He loved his creation and has eaten his PBHBlueberry a few times since. I haven't yet tried the PBHBlueberry, because it still makes me a littler nervous.

Asher found a heart shaped rock at a soccer game, so of course he had to make an "I heart U"

The other day, Asher was waiting for me to do a puzzle with him. I had some things I needed to finish first (which he knew). Anyway, by the time I finished he'd done an entire tricky 100-piece puzzle by himself! We did a puzzle together after but I was super impressed he'd done one by himself. Then, yesterday, he did our hardest 100-piece puzzle completely by himself!

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