Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 33

Lila tells us all the time, "I love lou so much!" And it is basically the cutest thing ever. The other day, though, Reed told Lila, "I love you so much!" and she responded, "I NOT love lou so much!" It was kind of hilarious.

She loves to have blankets on her head.

Speaking of not loving Reed so much, Lila makes things negative not by changing the word or using "don't" but by adding "no" or "not" in front of her statement--like "I no like peas." "I no want to go to park." "I not going to go over there!" It's one of those funny little things that are such a Lila way of talking.

One day, Lila brought a stuffed snake to Ryan and asked him to tie the snake around her neck. He told her that would be dangerous, because he'd essentially be tying a rope around her neck. She told him that Mommy tied it on her ALL the time. For the record, Mommy has NEVER tied a snake around Lila's neck--or anything else for that matter!

One day I came downstairs and found them just sitting like this!

Speaking of talking--Lila is improving so much! Ryan and I were talking the other day about how she seems to have recently expanded her vocabulary so much. And it's not really just the amount of words she says, but in how she puts them together. Her sentences are so much better and make more sense. She leaves words out less often. "I want to go to park" (still missing the :) instead of "I want go park." She is also progressing a lot as far as clarity goes. She has most trouble with the /k/ and /g/ sounds. She has trouble with a few others as well, but I think the /k/ and /g/ are most noticeable. (She pronounces /k/ as /t/ and /g/ as /d/.) I am planning on starting to make a more concerted effort with her now that Reed is back in school and after a month or so see where we are and if we think speech is necessary.

For whatever reason, Lila likes to put her hand up like this when I take pictures. I have no idea why--she's not avoiding the picture, because she still yells, "CHHEEEESSSSEE!" and then asks me to take more pictures.

Lila has entered the terrible twos in a big way. She doesn't want to do what she doesn't want to do and will look us in the eyes as she deliberately disobeys what we've asked her to do! And then, when we call her out or make her do whatever it is she was actually supposed to, she goes into a full-on meltdown. Case in point: Ryan was changing the oil yesterday and let the boys come under the car with him. He didn't want Lila down there with him, and she lost it. She was crying for a good 15 minutes, then intermittently for the next 10 minutes after that. Later, when I asked her to put her chair away, she walked right past her chair while staring me down. Stinker. Thankfully, these episodes are not continual and sometimes not daily, but they've been happening far more often than they used to!

We went to see the movie "Inside Out" and after, Lila was trying to tell us something she didn't like about the movie. NO ONE could figure it out until, finally, I realized that she was saying, "I not like 'aaaaahhhh' part!" There was one character (Anger) who would get mad and yell--and apparently she didn't like that. She did enjoy the movie in general, though, and gets excited whenever she sees anything related to Inside Out in stores or at Reed's school.

She even does the hand when she's not facing the camera.

Lila generally watches shows with the boys and the boys generally strong arm their way into choosing which show they watch. She would prefer Doc McStuffins, but they are obsessed with Phineas and Ferb--so you can guess which show they usually watch. Lately, when she hears that they can watch a show, she sings, "Phineas and Ferb, do it all!" (which is part of the opening credits song :).

If Lila hears us telling what our plan is for the day and there is something she is excited about, she without fail yells, "YEAH! How bout do DAT!"

One day, Lila was laying in bed with Ryan. She turned to him and, very seriously asked, "Daddy, lou like Doc McStuffins?" (except she says "Doc Buh-stubbins"). He responded that he did and she perked up and said, "I have a idea! How bout after your football video we watch Doc Buh-Stubbins! How bout do dat?!"

Sometimes, when I ask Lila a question, she says, "Hmmmm, let me think...let me think..." I just find this to be ridiculously adorable. Other cute things: she pronounces "you" "lou"--though this is out of habit now, because she can say "you" if she wants--and "your" "lour." I like them. She calls "stuffed animals" "stuh-buh a-mulls"--this is one of the weirdest things she says.

Lila likes to come up to me and say, "Mommy, I have a surprise for you!" She usually leads me around for a minute or takes me to another room where the surprise is...nothing!

One day, I was peeling an orange. Lila saw the pile of orange peels and said, "I no like crusts!"

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