Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 83

I mentioned in Reed's last post that he took his first Accelerated Reader test before track break. He's back in school now and has taken five more tests and has gotten 100% on all of them! I'm so glad that he's not only reading but comprehending, too. He is excited about earning points because at some point in the year, you can use your points to "buy" prizes from the library!

I know I put this picture in Lila's post, but they are just so cute together!

Reed had a month-long track break that just ended. The first week was really, really rough for him and Asher--they couldn't get along! I think they just weren't used to spending so much time together. After the first week, though, they adjusted and actually played really well together. They started having trouble again the last two days, but then Reed was back in school! One thing that was really nice about having Reed on track break was being able to do Mommy + Buddy time again. I've really missed spending time with him! Between school, homework, then dinner, family time, and bed, he and I just really don't get time to spend together having fun. I think we made the most of our October Mommy + Buddy time. We also had fun while he was on track break by doing some fun activities: we went to Gilcrease Orchard, Spring Mountain Ranch, Natural History Museum, the Springs Preserve, and Pump it Up in addition to some park trips.

Because one straw just wouldn't be enough.

Reed wanted to keep his hair long for his Harry Potter costume, so when we cut his hair at the beginning of October, we only did a trim. Honestly, I cut the sides a little too short and he looked a bit goofy at first; but once the sides grew in, he looked great! He really loves his "long" hair and wants to keep it long even through his next hair cut. Today he mentioned that he's excited to have it long for Nevada Reading Week because we will be able to do something extra crazy for crazy hair day.

Reed's soccer season ended last week. He had a fun season and I think he learned a lot! He's not the most competitive player--which is surprising, because he's super competitive at home with Asher! He loved being part of a team and wants to play soccer again next season.

One day, Reed and Asher were being a little crazy and basically playing tug-of-war with something when Reed said, "Let's stop pulling and just be normal kids ." This was particularly funny to me because sometimes when Ryan gets totally fed up he says something along the lines of, "Can't you just act like normal kids?" Apparently Reed has picked up on that.

Have I mentioned that Reed loves owls? Because he does. Whenever he has to choose an animal for something, he chooses an owl (see face paint example below). His love of owls stems from (what else?) Harry Potter. He even has a stuffed snowy owl that he had before he read the HP books that he didn't really care about before--but now that he has read the HP books? The owl is his favorite stuffed animal. Unfortunately, we sent the owl to school in his "All About Me" bag during the second week of school. We assumed we'd have the owl back within a few weeks. We were wrong. He still hasn't gotten to present his All About Me bag to the class, so he still doesn't have his owl. He has lamented this fact to me several times. I'm just hoping we get the owl back soon! And, in case you are curious, he and Ryan are currently reading Book 4, the last HP book we're planning on reading to him until he's a little older.

How funny is this picture?

We recently pulled out our cold weather clothes (because it's finally not 100 degrees out, hooray!) and Reed has rediscovered his love for his foot jammies. In some ways, Ryan and I are freaking out about how old he is. Case in point: I was making an updated Cub Scout list and was adding all the boys who are coming into Cub Scouts next year. REED WAS ON THE LIST. Mind blown. So he's huge to us--but then he comes walking in to our room in foot jammies and he's still our baby. We love this kid.

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