Thursday, December 3, 2015

Asher Turns 5!

Ashie B turned FIVE!!!

So of course we had to celebrate. And celebrate we did. We started the day with muffins because, really, what better way to start the day than by eating muffins? Before too long, there was a knock on our door--and Grandma and Grandpa were here! Woohoo! After Grandma and Grandpa arrived, we were off to Reed's soccer game. Because it was Asher's birthday, I let him and Lila spend half the game plugged into their mobigos. That is a gift in and of itself. And, to make the day even better, the Thunder Wolves won their game!

After a quick stop at home for lunch, we headed for the dollar theater to see Inside Out! We realized we were going to be early, though, so we decided to stop in at Ethel M's Chocolate Factory on the way to the theater. We walked ourselves through the self-guided tour and loved watching the chocolates go through the cooling tunnels and get automatically popped out of their molds. And, at the end of the tour, we were rewarded with our own piece of chocolate!

After the chocolate factory, we stopped in at Wal-Mart for a few treats to take into the movie, then went to the theater. Inside Out was so cute. I cried a little bit even. Lila absolutely loved it. And the boys were in stitches throughout several parts of the movie. 

When the movie was over, we went to the Pinball Hall of Fame. We've been wanting to take Grandpa there, partially to show him that the Hall of Fame has the same pinball machine he has, but mostly to play all kinds of pinball games. We changed in our dollars for quarters and broke into groups in search of our favorite games. We passed a very enjoyable hour playing pinball machines of all varieties. And then on to our next activity: dinner! No one was surprised with Asher's dinner choice: McDonald's.

Finally, we were on to the Haunted Harvest at the Springs Preserve. We got there a little later than I planned--ideally, we would have been there right when it started--and by the time we arrived the midway games were packed. The boys decided--without any prompting from us, I might add--that they didn't really want to wait in line for the games and would rather check everything else out. Bullet dodged. Instead of standing in line, we went through the haunted hay maze and trick-or-treated through the Springs Gardens. We finished trick-or-treating just in time to catch the Mad Science show, which is my favorite show the Springs does. The boys were absolutely spellbound by the science they saw.

After the science show, we stopped in to do a quick craft before calling it a night. We were all quite worn out from our adventurous day!

The next morning, Asher helped me decorate his cake Star Wars style. I wrote "Happy 5th Birthday Asher" then he added Star-Wars-esque lines for zooming stars. He also planned the placement of all his Star Wars toys. The finished product was a masterpiece. Next, we opened presents! I love watching Asher open presents. He gets so excited that he basically bounces the entire time. When he opened a pair of shoes we got for him, his jaw literally dropped. I mean, they were Storm Trooper converse, but he was ecstatic over a pair of shoes! He is so fun. He also got two new shirts, one of which he put on immediately, a few lego sets, and a lightsaber! Grandma Hambly gave him a Target gift card and he had SO much fun shopping for his very own presents on a date with Ryan. We even let him open that one early, so he got to shop before his birthday! He chose--what else?--a few lego sets.
After presents, we had cake and ice cream. Asher was in chocolate coma heaven. And then it was time for church! 

We had such a fun few days celebrating our Ashie B. We sure love this five year old!

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Kayla Martin said...

That chocolate smile is TOO cute :)