Sunday, December 13, 2015

Foot jams

One Satuday, the boys and I had a practice for the Stake Primary Children's Choir in the morning. Ryan decided to take Lila on a date while we practiced! She was very excited about the date and even came up with her own idea for an activity: to go to two stores and get foot jammies for Mommy and cereal. We've obviously set her expectations for dates high.

Anyway, they did go to the store. They also went to Petco, because it's kind of like a free mini-zoo. And they got me foot jammies! Luckily, I am short enough that they could buy me foot jammies from the little girls section, because the women's section was fresh out of foot jams. Lila was SO excited, especially since she has a pair of foot jammies that match almost perfectly.

And, being me, we had to take 1,000 pictures in our matching jams. Reed and Asher decided that they should wear foot jams that night, too.

 Always shooting the camera, this one.

At one point, all three kids were on the ground (?) and a scuffle ensued.

Ryan came up with a great idea for a cute picture. You think Reed is laughing in this picture?

You're wrong. He's crying. His head was bopped by the smiling one in the photo above.

Money shot.

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Kayla Martin said...

This is the best post EVER. Got to love footie jams :)