Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mommy and Lila Date

Lila loves, loves, loves dates. She gets so excited when it's her turn to go on a date that she literally bounces out the door. Lately, in her love of dates, she's started labeling everything where anyone is paired off as a date. Case in point: a few weeks ago we were at a stake children's choir practice. The boys were on the stage in their spots, waiting for the practice to start. Lila was with them, waiting to get kicked off the stage by mom and dad. She looked down at the pews and saw Ryan and I sitting together and promptly yelled, "Mommy and Daddy DATE!" Want another example? Just yesterday I asked Lila if she wanted to help me make whipped cream. She of course wanted to help, and as soon as she sat on the counter she told me, "We doing Mommy and Lila date!" Ryan came in the kitchen to work on making hot cocoa and Lila told him, "You can come on our date, too, Daddy! Mommy, Lila, Daddy date!"

So basically, if we want anything at all to sound more appealing, we can label it is a date. We put this idea to the test last weekend. We went to Town Square to see the Christmas tree and play in the play area. But first, we wanted to stop at two stores: Old Navy and Guitar Center. The boys were being very complain-y and Ryan and I decided that since he wanted to go to Guitar Center and I wanted to go to Old Navy, we'd split up and do just that. Ryan decided to take the boys--they like(ish) Guitar Center because they can touch a few things and we trust them there because they'll avoid the things we ask them not to touch. We both knew that Lila does not excel at not touching things, so I offered to take her with me. The boys overheard us and Asher--before we said anything to him, mind you--asked, "Lila, do you want to go on a Mommy and Jae Jae date?" She immediately started yelling, "Mommy and Lila date! Mommy and Lila date!" repeated at least five times. I just love that the boys even have learned the PR part of parenting.

So anyway, Lila and I were on our "date" and she was being really good and loving looking at all the clothes. Any time she saw something small she'd tell me, "That's not my size. That's just like for babies." We came upon a section of hats and gloves that were on a one-day sale and I decided it might be fun to get some. I was right. Lila was SO excited that she wore her hat and gloves for the rest of the day! We also grabbed a pair of hat and gloves for Lila's friend McKynlee. We gave the hat and gloves to McKynlee yesterday at her birthday party, and now Lila has decided that we should wrap her hat and gloves and give them to herself (from herself I guess?) for her birthday in January.

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