Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pillow Pile (Again)

We've been making pillow piles for a long time 'round these parts. We even did a pillow pile as part of Buddy School one time. We hadn't done a pillow pile for a while, though, and when Reed had a day off earlier this week and our park plans got canceled by insanity wind, doing a pillow pile just seemed right.

Basically, to create a pillow pile, we gather all the pillows off all the beds, add in the bean bags, then throw a few blankets and stuffed animals on the top for good measure. You then back as far away as the room allows, run, and jump! I even took a jump this time--though only one, because I was (as ever) worried about what it would do to my knee.

This pillow pile was particularly successful. When I showed the boys the first photo I captured--with Asher in the air--they flipped out over the awesomeness and asked me to take more photos where they tried to get more air. It was fantastic. I love that things like a pile of pillows in the middle of the floor make them so happy.

We also used our pillow pile to cozy up in to watch a show! Because it was Reed's day off, I used the show time to actually cuddle up and watch with the kids (instead of getting something done), which was quite enjoyable.

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