Friday, December 18, 2015

Reed turns 7!!!

Reeder had a birthday, shout hooray! Reed's birthday celebrations started the week before his birthday, when Grandma Lexie and Grandpa Jack came to Vegas to party with us! After a lot of back-and-forth, Reed finally decided what he wanted to do: hike Calico Tanks. We packed a lunch, decided the day was too beautiful to need to bring jackets, and piled into the car. 

At the base of the trail, my mom also decided not to bring her jacket because it really was a beautiful and sunny day. My dad was the only one who decided to bring his jacket along. (Am I being too obvious with the foreshadowing here?) Well, we soon found out that in the shade, it wasn't quite as warm or beautiful. And the hike had way more shade than we remembered--granted, we had hiked the trail at very different times of year before, so could have had more sunlight. We were all a little chilly, but at least the hike was interesting enough and pretty enough to mostly keep our minds off the cold! I will say that the hike was not really pretty enough or interesting enough to keep Asher's mind off the cold. He was in complaining mode and would not be appeased.

When we made it to the top, we pulled out our picnic, which perked Asher's mood considerably. As we ate, the shadows crept further and further across our patch of sun until we were sitting in full shade and freezing once again! Sweet Grandpa gave Lila his sweater, then stayed with her while the rest of us climbed a little further up to take in the view. The Calico Tanks hike offers a spectacular view of the Vegas valley, which is truly beautiful. After we'd had our fill of the view, we decided to start back down before we would be racing against the sun.

The hike down was much more pleasant than the hike up. We were all still really cold, but Asher had decided to stop complaining and had turned into a hiking ninja. Reed was a good sport the entire hike. I don't think he complained even once about being cold or tired. He did want to try his hand at making a cairn, so we stopped at a few different places along the trail so he and Asher could stack rocks to their hearts' content.

Once we got back to the car, we thawed ourselves out a bit and decided to try the park! We reasoned that we wouldn't be in shade so we'd be much warmer. We were wrong. I don't know what it was, but I was so cold I was physically hurting. No one but Reed wanted to stay, so we talked him in to going after only about 10 minutes. He was really, really disappointed. We decided to make up for it in a small way by going to his favorite place for dinner: Panda Express! I love that his favorite place to eat at is no longer McDonald's.

After dinner, we went home to open presents! Grandma and Grandpa gave Reed the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. He got the regular lego advent calendar last year, so he was super pumped to try out the Star Wars version. His birthday falls at the perfect time to give him an advent. After presents, we went outside to do what Reed wanted to do most of all: have a fire and eat birthday brownies and ice cream. I think our seven-year-old had a fun day!

Reed's actual birthday was the next weekend! Our main birthday activity was the sledding/Floyd Lamb/Harry Potter day--see my other post--but on Sunday, we made sure to celebrate a bit more. Reed helped me bake a cake--strawberry cake with party chip frosting per his request--and even did most of the frosting. He wanted to top his cake with some of his lego creations, and I let him pile whatever he wanted on the top. The effect was actually quite cool! We also opened presents, of course. My favorite part of the present opening was when Reed opened a lego set and murmured, "Yesssssssssssssssssssss" in a funny little voice! The lego set was one he's had his eye on for at least six months, and it was really fun to see him so excited about it. We also gave him a table-top foosball, which has been a huge hit. We've played multiple rounds most days since he opened it!
Happy, happy birthday, Reeder dear!

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