Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Special Saturdays: Snow and Floyd Lamb

Last year, we tried to go play in the snow at Mt. Charleston for my birthday. We tried looking online the night before to see if there was going to be snow, and it appeared there would be. We spent some time in the morning gathering snow gear, even taking a trip to the store to get a sled and snow gloves, then decided to check again on the snow situation to make sure we'd have something to play in. And our new (and better source) told us there wouldn't be enough snow to play in. Bummer summer (or winter, as the case may be). We ended up doing other fun things that day and didn't actually make it to Mt. Charleston at all that winter.

Now on to this year. We were trying to think of something fun to do the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Ryan thought it would be fun to try to sled. We did our research and found there was some snow, but not a ton--and decided to just go for it! We found sufficient snow gear for everybody, packed a huge bag of snacks, and set off to Kyle Canyon.

The drive was actually very pleasant, mostly because we listened to the final two chapters of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while we drove. And when we turned off into the Canyon, we saw the first patches of snow (!!!). Then snowflakes started falling. Then we had to stop at a "silly potty" (AKA a non-flushing potty) to use the restroom and I remembered how COLD it is when it snows!

Finally we made it to Lee Meadow. Getting everyone dressed took a good 10-15 minutes, which gave us a chance to appreciate how chilly it was before we were bundled. Then I made everyone take a few photos, which they were thrilled about. (One day they'll thank me). In the photos, it looks like there isn't any snow, but I think that's mainly because we were standing on a hill that gets full sunlight. Just across the road from us was a meadow of not-very-deep snow--but snow nonetheless!

A few weeks prior, we'd scored at the Goodwill Clearance Center and had gotten 2 nice sleds for $3 each--which was good, because otherwise we would have been sledding down on cardboard. We found a tiny hill, climbed to the top, put Lila and me on a sled, and...we went about 5 feet forward. Apparently we were too heavy for the very slight grade. We tried sending the boys down, and they went about 10 feet. So we tried a different spot. The second spot was better, but not by much. Luckily, a group who was sledding in yet another spot was moving on--so we took their spot over. The third spot was the winner. Getting started took a little doing, but once we had a little momentum we'd get a pretty good little cruise down the hill!

At the bottom of a hill was a small ditch. On one trip down, we turned toward the ditch and I dragged my feet to stop us before we got there. I didn't think about covering Lila's face, and she got a face full of snow! She was very upset, but calmed down quickly. After that, each time she didn't get snow in her face, she'd tell me, "You not get snow in my eyes this time Mommy! DANKS!"

The boys mostly rode together, but after a while wanted to try solo trips. After that, they only wanted to go alone! They even got brave enough to take solo trips on their bellies.

After sledding for a while, we decided to explore a cool teepee someone had built out of fallen trees. We were all quite impressed and I'm pretty sure one of the boys suggested living in the teepee. After the teepee, Ryan wanted to go check out another sledding spot--but Asher was totally done and Reed didn't really care about sledding more, so instead we shed our layers, climbed back in the car, and ate a ton of snacks.

On the way home, we had to stop at Tommy's, mainly because it's the closest Tommy's to us and is about 45 minutes from our house. Then, Ryan mentioned that we were only a few minutes from Floyd Lamb State Park, so stopping there only seemed right, too.

I am fairly certain I visited Floyd Lamb as a child, but I didn't actually remember anything about it--even when we got there--so it was fun to explore! The day was an exceptionally cold one, but since we had all our warm gear from sledding we were bundled enough to avoid too much complaining.

Floyd Lamb started as a working ranch. At one point, it served as kind of a hotel for all the people who came to Nevada to get a divorce. Apparently, getting a divorce used to be very hard and time consuming; but, in Nevada, you could get a divorce after only 6 weeks. Potential divorcees would come to Nevada and stay here for 6 weeks, awaiting their divorce. At Floyd Lamb, they could swim and have parties and just hang out for 6 weeks. Weird, right?! Anyway, now it's a state park where you can give yourself a walking tour of all the old ranch buildings. You can also visit the gorgeous lake system--there are three or four lakes, all interconnected, with tons of ducks and huge mature trees. You don't feel like you're in the desert! We had a fun time 'splorin. After we'd walked everywhere there was to walk, we headed home. We rounded out the day by watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

We were taking a photo and this is how Lila posed. Ryan was getting down to pose with her and cracking up, which I thought was cute.

He's pointing at the duck in the picture below. He named said duck "Big Foot" and one of the geese "Long Neck."

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Kayla Martin said...

Looks like fun!! :) You didn't get snow in my fast this time mommy! Danks! Hahahahhaha