Friday, December 11, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 61

We went to Floyd Lamb State Park for the first time ever a few weeks ago. The day was the coldest we've had so far--and it was really, really cold. But we'd been sledding right before so we had a lot of layers and I don't think any of us were suffering too greatly. Ryan and I made a comment about how beautiful the park was and Asher said, " Are you sure it's beautiful? It seems mostly cold!"

One day Ryan asked Asher, "If Mom said yes and Dad said no who would you listen to?" Asher wordlessly pointed at me.

I'm about to condemn myself. We were out of the family Halloween candy, and each kid had 10 or so pieces left. One night, after they were sleeping, I was sneaky and ate one of Asher's Twix, not thinking he'd notice. The next day he was choosing a candy bar out of his bag and said, "Didn't I have two Twix?" Apparently he had his candy counted. I replaced his treat out of the primary closet :)

We went on a really long bike ride and were all getting pretty worn out. Ryan told us that we needed to push ourselves to finish. Asher said, "I can't push myself!!" We looked at him and he was trying to push his own back and just cracking up. He's awesome.

Asher decided to keep his hair long at his last hair cut (like Bub) (surprise, surprise!) and now is super in to mohawks. (See his mohawk peeking out in the picture above). We call his mohawks Goo Hawks, because he is known as Goo sometimes. 

We've convinced Asher that his suit is super handsome and now he wants to wear it every week! What a stud.

Asher and I have recently discovered and he is in love! His favorite part of the website is that it has tests on each of the books--and they're like Accelerated Reader tests for him. Anything that makes Asher more like Bub is awesome in Asher's book. We took the tests on the first four books, even though it had been a while since we'd finished the first one, and he did great! Then, he zoomed through books five and six because he was so excited to take the test! I love anything that makes him excited about reading, so I'm loving, too.

Asher is a perfectionist. He gets very upset when the things he does aren't perfect on the first attempt. This quality comes out particularly strong when he's drawing. He doesn't like when he tries to draw something and it doesn't look how he thinks it should. He's come to me numerous times in tears because he thinks he didn't do a good job. The crazy thing is that every time he shows me one of his "failures" I'm super impressed! Not only because he'd attempt to draw what he's drawing (the most recent example I can think of is a sarcophagus), but that I can tell what he's trying to draw! He may think it doesn't look great, but I'm impressed by how great it looks. I can usually cheer him up and point out how well he's done. In some ways, his perfectionism will help him because it will push him to work hard--but I also hope he's not too hard on himself!

Asher doesn't love new situations, especially when he doesn't know anyone else or when I don't give him enough warning/prep time. Our ward boundaries were realigned in August and we found ourselves in a new ward. Asher was in a primary class that had lost it's teacher in the switch. The first week of primary in our new ward, he ended up sitting in the back with Ryan, crying throughout sharing time. During what should have been his class time, he sat at the front of the room with me, still crying on and off. The next week, we did a lot more prep work before hand, and he did a little better. The next week a new teacher was called and we could really do prep, talking about how amazing his teacher is (because she really is) and how she has kids his age so is good with kids, etc. Now he loves his teacher. And I'm so grateful to her for helping him love primary again! Sis. Fender, you are the best. 
 This is a mad lib we did one day at school. Asher was cracking up, even after reading it 5 times in a row!

Asher is very thoughtful. Often, if we make something while Reed is at school, he'll make one for Reed, too. If he builds something cool for himself for quiet time he often builds a copy for Reed and Lila!

Asher stacked all his new Mixels, so we took a picture!

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