Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 34

Me: "Do you need to go potty?"
Lila: "No!"
Thirty seconds later...
Lila: "'s been a while. I go potty!!" This was hilarious because whenever I want her to go potty, I tell her it's been a while so we'd better try.

 All set for school!

One day the boys were putting away their laundry and being stinkers. Someone hit someone else and there were lots of toys. When we went in to talk to the boys, Lila said, "One time I do my laundry I not be stinky pot a roo buns! I not hit my own self!"

I was putting a new dress on Lila and she asked, "Mommy did you and daddy bought me this new dress?! That was so nice!" Then she ran and gave me a hug. Similarly, last night Ryan brought Lila home a new stuffed animal horse from a conference he attended. She immediately squeezed the horse SO tight, then she ran to Ryan for a hug and yelled, "Danks!" 

Watching Reed open his birthday presents with a face covered in cake.

Lila woke up early on Thanksgiving morning. I was up early, too, about to leave on my walk. I didn't want her to wake anyone else, so I bundled her up and took her walking with me. She chatted the entire walk and was so pumped to be out with me. At one point she asked me to grab a pine cone for her to hold. Then she told me, "I'm naming this pine cone Lila. That's my name too!" Then started singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. It was hilarious.

She was so pumped to have matching "packies" with Daddy.

One day I ate one of Asher's remaining 10 or so treats from his Halloween candy without asking. Later, he was choosing a treat out and said something to the effect of, "Wait! I know I had two whoppers left!" I had to admit I ate one and told him I owed him a treat. Lila immediately said, "Mommy owes me a treat too! She ate one of my tootsie rolls without asking me!" I probably had eaten one of her tootsie rolls without asking but she certainly didn't know about it!

I asked Lila if she is Mommy's girl or Daddy's girl. She said, "Mommy and Daddy's girl!"

Lila put her fingers over her eyes and asked, "Do I look creepy mama?"

I tell Lila I love her several times throughout the day (partially because she will usually respond, "I love you so much!" which is the cutest thing ever). Lately, she responds that she loves me, but then says something like, "You not love me but I love you!" When I tell her that I do, in fact, love her, she says, "Sometime can you not love me?"

Whenever I take a picture she wants me to take one of her, too. This is how she poses in such situations.

Lila is very proud of the fact that she's two and will hold up two fingers and yell her age if anyone asks. Lately, though, she's transitioning to being excited about turning three. She is constantly telling us, "On my bur-bay (birthday) I be three!" And the other day she told me this: "On my birthday you not can call me two! You can call me three!"

Reed was talking about decorating his cake and said he was going to have aliens on his cake. Lila responded, "I not like aliens in my mouth! You just joking Reed?"

One Sunday night I was cuddling with Lila in bed and she was telling me all about a nursery friend. Here are some of the gems she said: "I just love him because he is my friend." "Him is BOY." "Him hair has spikes!" Who is this friend? Brighton. I don't know him yet but he sounds like a catch.

Here's another of her signature cheese pose.

Ryan and I both love playing with Lila's hair. She does not love to have people play with her hair. One day I Was playing with her hair and this conversation ensued:
Lila: Don't play with my hairs! 
Me: I just love your baby hairs! 
Lila: Don't love my baby hairs! 
And A few minutes later...
Lila: you can love my hairs but not my belly! 
Me: Why not?
Lila: Then you just can not rub my belly!

I think she's dancing here.

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Kayla Martin said...

I could read about her ALL DAY LONG!!! She is such a doll and is growing up way too fast!! I think my favorite story was either the aliens or the boy from nursery :)