Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 84 (7 years!!!)

Reed's favorite kind of shoes for quite a long time have been slip-on shoes. This love started with a pair that he literally wore to pieces, at which point we cut the fabric off the shoes and made the fabric into a design on a pillow because he was so distraught about not being able to wear the slip-ons any more. I'm not joking. Anyway, he recently had another pair of slip-ons that just did not look decent at all any more. When I told him I didn't think he should wear them to school any more, but just for playing outside, he was so upset again. He asked me if I could look for some for him at the store and I told him that I definitely would. Little did he know that I had already found a new pair of slip-ons exactly like his current worn out slip-ons that were just waiting patiently for his birthday (only a few weeks away). Asher kind of accidentally spilled the beans just a few days before Reed unwrapped the shoes (Reed asked again if I'd find shoes and I assured him I would--Asher said, "Well, you know..." And Reed KNEW.), but Reed was still pumped about his new slip-ons. 

For some reason, Reed's homework is a very exciting event in our house--especially if he's working on the computer. Having two spectators makes him a little crazy, but he's usually pretty patient with them.

Slip-on story 2: One day I noticed Reed was putting on his tennis shoes and commented that he could wear his slip-ons if he wanted, because it wasn't a P.E. day. He responded that he knew, but he'd only been wearing his slip-ons only every other day so they didn't get worn out so quickly!

Slip-on story 3: Another day, I told Reed he had technology so he could wear his slip-ons if he wanted. I heard a stomping noise from where he was around the corner and he said, "That was my happy dance!"

Spirit day was also wear-a-turkey-hat day. We made a few cute turkey hats and I took a few cute turkeys to school!

All the kids love reading their monthly posts from when they were younger--and by younger I mean starting with the most current month and moving on down. They especially like the accidentally funny and purposefully funny things they've said over the years. Now, whenever any one of them says something that makes us all laugh, Reed asks, "Can you write that down in your phone?"

Reed can often be found practicing spells--especially if I'm trying to take a picture of him.

Reed has started a recess club at school. He wants to be an author and already has a novel in mind, so at first the club kind of acted out his novel--they were all different characters he'd thought of and some of the situations from his book came up. He started with just himself and one other little boy and apparently the group grew to include a lot of kids. Somehow, the group has transitioned to him and his friend Evily teaching other kids to do the monkey bars! Some days they only have one or two kids, so they teach together. Some day they have a lot of kids so they each take their own group. He's so cute when he talks about it, because he's super pumped and just in awe of how, "and the kids we taught tell THEIR friends and they tell THEIR friends and lots of kids want to learn to do the monkey bars!" We talked about including everyone in the club, and I don't think that's been a problem so far. I love how his mind works.

We are trying to focus on service for the month of December. I asked Reed if there was anyone at school he could serve and he immediately decided on a girl named Sara. We talked about how he could serve her by saying hello and talking to her and inviting her to play with him at recess. The very next day he invited Sara to play and now she's played with him and his friends every day this week! I'm proud of him for reaching out to someone who needed a friend.

Reed has grown into such a good reader. He reads so fluently that now it's surprising to hear him stumble over a word. He still enjoys being read to, though, which we still do every night and throughout the day if we have the opportunity!

The stake president challenged us all to read the Book of Mormon by next Stake Conference. We've started reading (most) nights as a family and I've been very impressed by how much Reed is understanding! One night Asher asked, "What is happening right now?" I gave him a brief run-down of the story and Reed jumped right in when I was done with a part I forgot!

One not so positive aspect of Reed's 84th month is that he's started talking in superlatives--in a negative way. As in, "Asher always takes my toys," "You never play with me," "I always have to give Asher my stuff," "You never let me use the blue bowl." We are all getting a little frustrated with it, especially because he's pretty whiny about his superlatives. I think being the oldest is a little wearing on him at times. And I think he feels a lot bigger than Asher and Lila right now because he's the only one old enough for school. I'm hoping Asher starting kindergarten next year will help close that gap a bit.

One of the sweet things Reed does as the oldest is encourage Asher. Asher is very much a perfectionist and gets upset if something he makes doesn't come out how he expected. Asher is especially critical of his own drawing. Any time Asher is upset that one of his things doesn't look how it should, Reed tells him, "Ashie, you did a GREAT job! It looks just like ______. I really like _______." Reed's praise is SO sweet and is the praise Asher believes the most! I can tell Ash exactly the same thing and he still cries. But when he gets Bub's approval, he's okay. Reed also sounds like Ryan and I at times, talking about Ash and Lila and their cuteness as if they were his kids :)

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Kayla Martin said...

He's so grown up! I love that he started a recess club :) I also love how supportive he is of Ash. I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed when I read that part. Pregnancy hormones, right?! ;)