Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bike Adventure

Ryan took the day before Thanksgiving off from work, which left everyone home but Reed, who had to go to school. Reed was understandably jealous about all the fun he was missing out on--though we actually spent most of the morning checking to-do items off our list--so Ryan decided to give Reed a good surprise. He put Reed's helmet in a backpack, then, while holding Reed's bike against his bike, he put the backpack on, effectively locking the bike in place! Then, he rode the 2ish miles to Reed's school and was waiting for Reed when Reed got out. The two of them got to ride bikes home together.

Ryan did mention that he didn't really think about the whole going-there trip being uphill (which it is) and riding that uphill with an extra 30 pounds strapped to his back. But happily, he survived, Reed was surprised, and they got to have a special bike ride home! Ryan is such a fun dad!

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