Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Date night AND day

Ryan and I don't go on dates very often, which is in large part because two of my favorite friends (both in general and to swap babysitting with) moved this summer. I only have one friend I regularly swap babysitting with, and you can only ask a person to babysit for you so many times before you start feeling kind of jerky. Add that to the problem of the mini fall busy season, and Ryan and I didn't go on a date for at least six weeks.

Then in November, we went on two us dates and one family date in one week. I'll explain. On Wednesday, I got an email from a website I'd signed up with that sends out free movie tickets to advance screenings of new movies. Tickets for the movie My All American were available, and I quickly got two. For FREE. My friend Karinne babysat for us and Ryan and I got to go to a movie, all by ourselves. The movie itself was fantastic. I cried through at least half of the movie and am really looking forward to seeing it again. After the movie we went to Target, because we always go to Target on dates.

On Thursday, we decided to try out a new site Ryan had found out about that gives free or deeply discounted show tickets to locals. The only catch is that you get tickets at 11 a.m. for a show that very day, so there's no advance notice. That morning, Ryan was able to get four tickets to see Recycled Percussion. For FREE. Lila is young enough to get free admission, too, so we were all free! We were a little worried about the tickets working because we'd never used the site before, but there was no problem whatsoever. The Recycled Percussion show was so much fun. The kids loved it, even though I'd left our noise cancelling headphones in the car, which I was kicking myself about. Thankfully, though, the ushers were handing out complimentary ear plugs. As you walk in to the show, you get to select a pot or pan or pot lid or whatever out of a big bin. Then they give you a drum stick. And after that you get to bang along on your makeshift drum as you please! The show also featured a "random cookie break" when the drummers all ran into the audience and passed out cookies. The kids LOVED the random cookie break. 

On Friday, Ryan and I finally used the Lake Mead Cruise we'd bought during the NPR auction last February. My visiting teacher babysat Asher and Lila for me (bless her) and Ryan took a long lunch break from work to cruise with me. I was worried we'd freeze--it was November and had been chilly all week--but the weather was beautifully warm. We cruised over to the back side of Hoover Dam and around the lake. We had such an enjoyable time. It's such a treat to be able to talk and relax with no one interrupting or needing us. We both loved the cruise.

And thus we had a week of dates, which isn't a half-bad way to spend a week.

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